Tuesday, 13 March 2012

My very first quilt made in Summer 2011

This is the first ever quilt I made.  I sort of fell in love with sewing by accident trying to make my then newly born son a bib! That was in May 2010.

Once bitten by the sewing bug, I just couldn't stop and last summer I ventured into quilts.  Another happy accident, I had bought a Hungry Caterpillar panel for a custom baby carrier but it turned out that the caterpillar was far far far too big.

As soon as I had FMQ this, I just knew that there was no going back.

My adventures in sewing have only been possible because of the amazing blogs I read and the fabulous tutorials posted by those darling bloggers.

I would love to be a bit more involved in that wonderful blogging community which is the reason for my trying to get this blog off the ground.

This quilt (although not perfect) is an important part of our daily lives.  Its played with, snuggled under and loved by my two little dandelions.

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