Friday, 13 April 2012

Cotton reel holder pin board

Yesterday was pretty much a washout; rain and a poorly Dandelion.  Crafting was confined to nap time and even then cut short.

But I did manage to organise my cotton reels; an absolute triumph.

I love all things Mollie Makes; the magazine makes me smile; the blog is divine and even better the iPhone version of the magazine is a gem - I can carry all my issues with me all the time!

And it was in a recent issue of Mollie Makes that I saw the Spool Holder of my dreams!  I really like the styling of Sass & Belle - they have so many great products, or so I have learnt since the spool holder discovery.

When it arrived, I loved it just as much as I had in print but sadly on my *magnolia* walls, it just didn't look as great and sort of blended in.  So I grabbed some cute pin-dot fabric and an old cork noticeboard.  Staple-gun in hand, I stretched and affixed; added trim and voila...

Got a spool holder of your own?  I'd love to see, so please leave me a comment with a link to yours.
Hope you have a happy day xxxx


  1. Oh wow, I love this, it's going straight on my wish list!!

    p.s. you might get more comments without the word verfication... it's a bit of a pain. If you don't allow anonymous comments,you wont get spam. I've never had an anonymous comment that's not spam so it wont put people off.

    1. Hi Wendy thanks for your comment and I am really grateful of the blogging tip. I *think* I have turned off the word verification now... hopefully. You are so right - those word thingys are such a PITA!
      I am hoping that today is the day I became a Reply Blogger (rather than a No-Reply party pooper) and a comment with no word verification. Fingers crossed xxxx

  2. Great idea Liz :)

    I've got sooooo many that mine are filed neatly in a large biscuit tin in three rows, one for really pale colours, one for really dark colours and the last for all the bright inbetweenies :)

    And then for all my bulk making colours they're all in their original boxes on a shelf as there's too many to bother filing them anywhere else ;)


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