Friday, 27 April 2012

Dancing Grass and Dandelion Kisses

Dancing grass and Dandelion kisses.  

At least, that is how my day began.  

Some days everyone just wakes up in a good mood.  

And today was one of those days.

The two little Dandelions' friendship has really blossomed recently and it is so wonderful for me to see their precious interactions.

After the frantic school run, our dog walk was bathed in happy sunshine.  It was blustery but this meant that the whole enormous field seemed to be dancing furiously for our entertainment.

That speck in the distance is our mad chocolate Spaniel running, like Phoebe does in that episode of Friends, with reckless abandonment.

Today I thought I would show you my fancy-dan spectacles case!  Its been a very welcome addition to my bedside cabinet and always makes me smile when I slip my glasses into it last thing at night.  

You see my little Dandelion boy likes to wake me up in the morning and for a while he would grab my glasses off the side and prod them vigorously into one of my eye sockets. Y-Ouch!!!!!!!!!!

So, now you can see why this little sewn item is such a treasure to me.  And it really doesn't hurt if I get a thwack with these as my wake up call.

 The tutorial for this perfect peachy case is on Skip to my Lou here.

And finally... our newest rainbow windmill which was whizzing around manically as I took this photo, making a whirring noise as if it really wanted to be included in today's blog post.  So I had to oblige!

Cheerio - I hope you have a lovely stitchy day 


  1. No rain! How did you escape. I like your glasses case as it is bright and vibrant. Di xo

    1. I know, I was so lucky that it didn't rain today as its been my only day not working.
      Its been torrential here all week.
      How about where you are?
      Thanks for your positive comments about my glasses case Di.
      Its so lovely to hear from you today.
      Kind regards

  2. Love the pic of you littlies, so cute! Great glasses case and love the Grimms rainbow in the background. Jakey's rainbow quite often ends up as a prop in my pics ;-)


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