Sunday, 22 April 2012

Jubilee Inspired Block

After last year's Royal Wedding, which really reminded all of us British folks how well this country does pagentry and pomp and circumstance, there is great anticipation growing in our house for the Royal Jubilee celebrations at the start of June.

Not only will we all get an extra Bank Holiday, which means an extra family day together *imagine smug-face*, but its also the perfect occasion for a little home sewn items.

My Siblings Together quilt top is all sewn and I am just waiting for my Hobbs Heirloom batting to arrive, so that project is on hold for now.

Then my local(ish) fabric shop called the Patchwork Dog and Basket  sent me an email to let me know that they are hosting a Tea Cosy competition.  As a new crafter, the idea that little old me might actually be able to enter a competition is thorough pant-wettingly exciting to say the least.

Afternoon Tea is my *thang* y'know.  For my 30th birthday celebrations, hubby and I went to the magnificent Woolsley  in Piccadilly for Afternoon Tea.  It was sublime to say the least.  As well as hob-nobbing with Sienna Miller and Rhys Iffans (who at the time were an item) and narrowly missing A.A.Gill (he left just as we arrived), there were sandwiches with no crusts, warm freshly baked scones, jam, cream and speciality cakes on our three tier stand.

So, a Tea Cosy comp is just up my street and in my mind's eye I could see this cute Union Jack patchwork quilted block with ribbons and ric-rac, maybe even a Suffolk Puff/Yo-yo adorning it.  But I couldn't find a Union Jack block tutorial online anywhere.  There is a fabulous quilt pattern available but funds and impatience meant that I really needed to make the block NOW!

My first attempt was a steep learning curve and the finished result had a wonky St Andrews flag cross.

Second time round I guessed at how to solve the wonkiness and, yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, it worked!!!!!

I took photos as I went, so watch out for my first Tutorial...coming soon!

Cheerio from me.


  1. It seems to be the time for making them - I did one a couple of weeks ago and used this link to get the pattern. I cut it into quarters and was away!

    1. It certainly is. Especially with the Jubilee and the Olympics this year - everything is going to be Union Jacks galore.

      If only I could paper piece, that colouring page would have been perfect.

      Kind regards

  2. Beautiful flag, can't wait to see your tutorial I would love a cushion (or two) of these!!

    1. Thanks Joanne
      I have just finished typing up the Tutorial.
      It would make a fab cushion, as well as a fab tea cosy ;0)


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