Saturday, 21 April 2012

The Owl quilt journey

I was thinking today about how making a quilt is like going on a journey.  First you have to look through the holiday brochures (quilt patterns and fabric stores in the case in point) and decide what journey you wish to embark on.

I stumbled across the Owl quilt pattern - whose real name is Hootenany - quite by chance.  I just can't call it that because I am hootenanied out after many New Years Eves spent watching the magnificent Jools Hollands Hootenany on television.  I love seeing the new year in dancing round our living room with my hubby but its the incessant reciting of the word "hootenany" that drives me to distraction and usually means that I wake up on the 1st of January every year with a stonking hangover.

The Owl quilt comes from the completely brilliant book Dare to be Square  by Boo Davis.  Her site Quiltsryche is a bit too cool for school.  I love her originality and her rock'n'roll take on quilting.

The Dare to be Square book was recommended on the Suppose blog. I was over on the Suppose blog drooling over their Pencilmania quilt.  I have pre-ordered the Quilt Sampler magazine which will feature Pencilmania.  I can't wait to get stitching on that pattern.  And I'm hoping that the mini quilt pattern will be a good End of Year teacher's gift.

In the top picture on the Pencilmania  post, I spotted a Robot quilt that I felt inspired to make for my little boy.  When I ordered the book, that Robot quilt was what I intended to make first... but I got lead astray by the Owl on the front!

I ordered my fabrics from Backstitch who I think have the best Fat Quarter bundles around.

First of all I cut it all up.

Then I stitched it back together.

I don't normally have a design wall for the quilts I make.  I'm not normally that fancy.  But the Owl needed some planning to get the fabrics right.

He just kept growing...

until finally...

He arrived, twit twoo!!!

Cheerio for today.

P.S.  My Just Wing It disappearing 9 patch quilt is in the weekly contest over on Quilting Bloggers.  I am wishing that I had entered the Owl but I got a bit over excited and pressed submit without really thinking about it.  There are some amazing entries that are really worth checking out here.



  1. Love the owl quilt! Off to check out the just wing it x

    1. Thanks Kelly
      I am loving Confetti and Bright Lines in the competition best of all.

  2. Liz, this is wicked and so HUGE! What a lucky little fella your son is to get this one! I love it! JoJo33 (Flickr name!)


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