Monday, 9 April 2012


I am a simple gal who just loves ruffles, ric-rac and bunting.

I have already been through a ruffling sewing phase - it coincided with the Christmas Aprons inspired by Anthropologie loveliness!

Those ruffles were made on my sewing machine using a Janome Ultimate Ruffler Foot, which although effective, I found cumbersome, noisy and a bit temperamental.

Today I decided to play about with my new-to-me Overlocker which is  the above pictured Toyota.  My darling mum treated me to it just before I went on the Overlocker Tutorial Day held at my not-too-far-away boutique style fabric shop the Owl and the Sewing Cat.  I had a lovely day learning not to be so scared of the Overlocker, mostly threading and unthreading the machine, learning how to balance all the threads and testing out different stitches like flatlocking.

Anyway, I digress.  The new-to-me Overlocker came with an intriguing looking smallish bag containing a Gathering Foot and ever since my course, I have been itching to see what it might do.

The answer is this:-

And about one hundred times faster and more smoothly than the sewing machine!

Now... I just need some ruffley projects to work on!!!!  Please leave me a comment with some ideas for ruffley projects, otherwise I fear that the whole house will be edge with a ruffle or to (including my husband's boxer shorts!!!!!!!!!!!!).

Thanks for stopping by to read today  xxxx


  1. SKIRTS!! I am afraid of my over locker. Perhaps a course is the answer.

  2. If you know of any baby/toddler girls - I'm sure their Mummys would love some ruffley panties for them - My Daughter would and I'm desperately trying to get nice looking ruffles without an overlocker - yours look great:-)
    Failing that how about cushions with rows of ruffles or maybe edgings on pillowcase openings for one of your mini Dandelions? errr, sprucing up towels ends...

    1. Great suggestions Kandy. I can definitely see a cushion with rows of ruffles in my future. I love that idea.

      Have you tried a Ruffler foot for your sewing machine? I think they work pretty well but are noisy and not as easy as the overlocker turned out. But they do make great ruffles - so much better than having to pull threads! mine always snap.

      If you'd like me to run a few strips through my overlocker and post them off to you, I'd be very happy to.

      Kind regards


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