Sunday, 15 April 2012

Siblings Together Charity quilt

Quilts for Siblings Together
A few days ago, I discovered that there is something very special going on in UK quilt blog land.

Lynne of Lily's Quilts is organising and co-ordinating an amazing charity event.  There is more about Siblings Together on her starter blog post.  Lots of UK based quilters (and some from overseas too) are donating one or two quilts for those siblings separated by the care system.

When my first big quilt was all finished and ready to be snuggled under, I realised that a quilt can be a very important addition to a household.  Not only is it visually appealing but its a place of refuge; somewhere to relax and feel safe; and reassuring.

There are some amazing quilts (you can see pictures on the Flikr group) which are being made with love for the Siblings Together will each hopefully spread a little bit of happiness amongst their recipients.

So, now I am daydreaming about what special quilt top I can make for this fantastic event.

I have a gorgeous Robert Kauffman roll up  that I think would be perfect and I am mulling over what to do with it.  Its a burst of rainbow colours and I think it would look good in a zig-zag pattern, so maybe I will follow

And to get me started on the sewing, I thought I would join in with this over on the Scrapendipity Designs blog. I am sorry that I can get the buttons to work properly on this blog.  Yesterday, I conquered removing the word verification on my comment replies and also became a Reply Blogger - if these two things are gobbledygook to you, that's what they were to me too before.  I will get my buttons working soon, at least I hope I will.

Hope you have a lovely stitchy day xxxx

P.S. I have started cooking already!  Italian Sunday Gravy from a recipe that I saw on Kitchen Boss (aka Cake Boss) with that darling Buddy Valastro.  The pot is HUGE so our door is open today for extra lunch guests.


  1. HiLiz, just popped over from Brit Quilt to have a nosey about. I dont have a blog (not that clever and though some might find it funny, I wouldnt know what to say!) I did tell Lynne that I would be happy to join herQuilts for siblings but didnt realise she had a blog for it. must check that out. You have some amazing sewing on here so keep it up. Good Luck.

  2. Thanks so much Lynda. Looking forward to seeing your sewing on Brit Quilt. It seem like a really lovely group. xxx

    Update: I think I have found the perfect block for my roll-up quilt - its this

  3. I am so happy to have you sewing with me today!! I cannot wait to see what you come up with with that pretty jelly roll. I am loving that block you found at Missouri Quilt Co, I think those solids will look great with that!! I posted an update on what I have done so far here:


    1. Yay thanks for coming to visit me here Rachel and your compliments on the block. What do you think I should do about borders round these - I need to make them quite a bit bigger by adding maybe two borders?
      If it was just for me, I would be inclined to just wing it but I feel like its so much more important to get right as its for these important children.
      Hopping back over to yours now to see your update xxxx

  4. Looks great.

    Lunch sounds good too.


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