Sunday, 29 April 2012

Union Jack block (v2)

I am overwhelmed by the great response to my Jubilee Union Jack block tutorial.  It's so lovely to have such great feedback.  It's also wonderful to have some constructive criticism.  My own personal motto is "to strive towards excellence".

One of the comments I received to my block tutorial the other day pointed out to me that the Union Jack flag looks slightly different to my original interpretation.  St Patrick's flag and St Andrew's flag interchange which gives the diagonal crosses their unique pattern on the flag.  This was something I had learnt at school many many years ago but I had become desensitised to it over the years.

So I have been puzzling over whether or not I could come up with an easy way to make a more representative version of the Union Jack in quilt block form.  There will always been some artistic deviation, for example I am not sticking to the correct colourways or the fact that the flag should be twice as wide as it is high, but I am really pleased with the new improved Union Jack block (v.2).  I hope you will love it too.

I will post a version 2 Tutorial later today.
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