Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Trouble That One Little Piece of Fabric Caused

Today it has mostly just poured with rain... all day... with no respite.
But that meant that I managed to throw together something quick and simple.  It was inspired by a post over on Aneela Hoey's blog, Comfortstitching, a little while ago.  She was talking about habits and it turns out that one of hers is sewing together simple square tablecloths.  I wanted to make one ever since and today, it turns out, was the day.

But first a bit of a confession...

I ordered a few gorgeous pieces of fabric from Fabric Rehab a couple of days ago and they arrived this morning:-

I seem to have developed a bit of an obsession with one particular fabric line.   Don't tell my husband, but I bought one of those Charm Packs especially for one piece of 5"x5" square fabric in particular!

Please, someone, tell me you've done this too!!

Anyway, the rest of the charm pack was just perfect to be my first (notice how I am already planning more) simple small tablecloth.  I have lots of little tables, just desperate for a cloth!

The great thing is that, using a charm pack to makes this meant it only took me about an hour and a half tops, start to finish.

Oh, and that one tiny piece of fabric that the whole pack was bought for...



ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but it sure does make me feel HAPPY.

Cheerio for today
Kind regards


  1. Looks like you have had fun today! Your tablecloth is lovely. Now what are you going to do with that 'special' 5" square? Di xo

  2. What a lovely table cloth, and how quick and easy too. Gorgeous fabrics. It's rained non stop all weekend here too, it's so miserable! But glad you have been putting the time to good use, I have been trying to, in between looking after the children!


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