Friday, 11 May 2012

Busy Baking

This week has been completely hectic.

The Dandelions have been poorly, especially my little lady who had a really horrible bout of croup that saw us standing in the garden at 2am (apparently cold night air is good for blocked airways).

We had to venture out today because supplies in the house were at an all time low and I had some important baking to do too.

My little man is going to be 2! It feels like only yesterday that I was wishing and wishing for him to even be conceived, so its almost unthinkable that the terrible twos are here already.

The cake decoration is really basic but everyone had lots of fun pressing out the stars and scrunching up icing, so I guess that's what it should all be about really.

And it was good to practice for the Victoria Sponge challenge, which I am hoping to enter locally in July.

Cheerio for today

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