Monday, 7 May 2012

Have you heard about Jack?

Have you heard about Jack?

Hastings Jack or Jack in the Green, I mean.

Every year, over the early May Bank Holiday there is one almighty celebration in my my home town of Hastings.  There is Folk Music, Morris Dancers, Drummers, Giants and the Jack-in-the-Green.

May Day has, historically, always been an important day in our calendar.   It marks the start of the Summer which has long been cause for celebration.  In England during the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, people would make elaborate garlands of flowers and leaves.  Over time these garlands became bigger and bigger, with everyone trying to outdo each other.

The Chimney Sweeps  are believed to be the ones who made their garland so huge that it covered the entire man and he became know as Jack-in-the-Green.

There is a full programme of festivities occurring all over the Old Town and East Hill.

Lots of Morris Dancers from companies all over England.  It was a group of Morris Dancers that revived the tradition of this festival and celebration in the early 1980s.

And finally, one of me and my smallest Dandelion beside the amazing new Winkle which was designed and made by our friend and sculptor Leigh Dyer.  You can see more of his work at his site Incurva or read about Hastings' Winkle Club here.


  1. Hi There,
    I have heard about Jack (tho I've never seen him) How wonderful to have all that tradition going on in your 'back yard'. We do have the Marshfield Mummers quite near here and occasionally we have Morris Men strutting their stuff at the local shopping centre buts thats about it round here, such a shame as this is a really old village!!

  2. That's so special! I miss living in England...


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