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A Mother's Work meme

I was tagged last week by Sarah at Sarah Sews Quilting Blog in the A Mother's Work meme.  This meme was originally started by   Its an opportunity for mum's to give their personal experience and perspective on modern motherhood.   It's a fascinating meme and I am glad to take part.

So here goes.  This is what it's all about:


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Did you work before becoming a mum?

Yes  - I wanted to work (and earn money) from a very young age, because money was pretty tight when I was growing up.  In those days, (and I am only One Score and Ten odd years old, so not ancient) people lived within their means.   Luxuries were a rarity, and in my teens I developed a retro/vintage look borne mainly from the necessity of charity shop clothes buying.  However, I think that had a really good effect on me and my motivation to succeed.  This is something I have pondered on a great deal recently.  Naturally, we want to give our children all that we can but I wonder sometimes, mostly when I am nagging one of them to do their homework or despairing that another toy has been carelessly lost, what effect this might have on them...but I digress

It was through my Saturday job when I was  a teenager that I met my husband.   Wearing the dorkiest outfit in the universe (a grey polyester unfashionable length skirt and stripy shirt) I fell in love!!!   I worked on Books and he was on Sounds.  Awwww.

In the Summer before I was due to go to Uni, I managed to get an office job in a local firm of Solicitors.  I worked there Monday to Friday and also kept on my Saturday job.  I found I really enjoyed working there and at the end of the Summer, when an opportunity arose to stay there a little longer, I decided to take a year out of studying and go for it... all these years later, and I am back there now as a qualified lawyer.

What is your current situation?

Now I work part-time doing a job I really enjoy, but I still get to spend over half the week with my two little Dandelions.  For me, that is the best of both worlds.   Don't get me wrong, at times it's really hard, particularly if one of them is poorly.  But I'm really fortunate that the firm I work for are really accommodating and flexible when necessary.  

I didn't go back to work until my eldest one was 2years old and, whilst I loved being a stay at home mum until then, I think working recharges my batteries for the time I am with the children and vice-versa.

Freestyling on... motherhood

Motherhood has been a real journey for me.  I am a completely different parent to the one I imagined before the Dandelions arrived.  With my second child, I have relaxed a lot more and embraced a more natural parenting style.  Babywearing, co-sleeping, using cloth nappies and sewing.  Each one has changed me as a parent and a person, for the better in my opinion.   
I am far more sensitive to my children's needs as a result of babywearing and co-sleeping.  Using cloth nappies has taught me that reusable is often much better than disposable.  And sewing...well that is a whole other blog entry!

Before, I was a firm believer in equal rights and responsibilities between men and women.  So, when my maternity leave commenced and a new home role was placed on my shoulders, it came as quite a shock.  I have learned to embrace the mundane and I love making "home" now.  Baking, sewing, cooking and cleaning are actually far more rewarding tasks than I ever imagined.  

Thank you so much for reading.

I would love to hear your comments and your thoughts on A Mother's Work. 

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  1. Hello! Thanks so much for taking part in A Mother's Work Meme what a lovely read!

    I totally agree that working part-time can be a great way to recharge the batteries! If only more employers could be more flexible in this country - as they are in places like Denmark - so many more mothers / parents could enjoy a better balance of parenting and career.

    1. Hello - thanks for popping over to my little blog. It was a pleasure to take part in such an interesting meme.

  2. oh... me again! I forgot to say, I've added your blog to the A Mother's Work Meme Page on


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