Thursday, 3 May 2012

Music to Swoon To

Today was pretty rainy again.  I discovered that Dandelions are even more beautiful in the rain.

In the last couple of days, I have completely, utterly and totally fallen in love with an amazing quilt pattern called Swoon by Camille Roskelley.  The pattern is for sale here on her site.

custom order Swoon quilt

Above is my inspiration and I am loving the colours and fabric choices.  It was made by Kelby Sews, whose work I absolutely love.  This pic is also from the Flikr group called Thimble Blossoms and I believe that it's okay to post this pic on my blog as inspiration but if not, please let me know.

There are hundreds of billions (okay that is probably an exaggeration) of quilts made using this pattern and I love them all, but the above is my favourite.

So, Swoon is officially on my To-Do List!  but what, I hear you say, is the title of this entry all about.  Well...

When I am sewing, I am usually listening to Radio 2 at the same time.  I love the diversity of tunes I hear on Radio 2.  I love the cheesy presenters almost as much as the uber cool ones (... Dermot O'Leary).  And every now and then I hear a song which really makes me smile.  So I thought I'd share my "Music to Swoon To".   This week its one of Keane's new songs, called The Sovereign Light Cafe.

I love Keane and a couple of their songs are special songs that mark important moments in my life.  Somewhere Only We Know was what I hummed to myself through those early secret (before 12 weeks) pregnant days.

The real life Sovereign Light Cafe is about five miles from where I live and the song mentions lots of roads and places which are all in my local vicinity.  Lyrics which I would probably have missed completely unless I had been sewing along to them at the time.

So, what songs are you sewing along to at the moment?  What would you recommend as my "Music to Swoon To"?  Please leave me a comment if you feel so inclined and let me know.  I'll love it if you do.

Cheerio for today


  1. Hi Liz, that is a gorgeous quilt, I hope you have fun with it, I can't wait to see your version. I must look up that song too. How lovely that the Cafe is near you. I love sewing and creating to the album 21 by Adele, I find it so soothing. And conversely, I also love listening to Plan B's album. I listen to them both over and over again. (Sad I know.) I also listen to Desert Island Disks through the laptop although since William has been born this has been a very rare thing! Happy quilting, speak soon :-)

  2. I love the Swoon pattern, just not sure if I can be bothered with the HST ;-). I think as long as you credit the original owner of the pic it is fine to re-post, that is my opinion anyway. x

  3. Liz, the quilt is gorgeous and I'm sure your version of it will be fabulous too - hurry up and make it, I want to see it!!! xxx (I listen to Radio4 while I'm sewing or I 'watch' stuff on IPlayer [it's on in the background and I glance up every now and again] or listen to albums on Spotify). xxx

  4. I love a bit of Radio 2 or BBC London while I sew, my husband laughs as it's the same radio stations that my parents always listen to!!
    I really want to Swoon too, but there are so many thing on my to do list and I still haven't found a (perfect Swoon) fabric that I want to make it in!! And I've got two of Camille's patterns from her book that I want to do first....just waiting for the fabric to be delivered!!


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