Saturday, 12 May 2012

My Precious

There are several pieces of fabric in my small (but getting bigger) fabric stash that I love more than all the others.

There are a few pieces of my Just Wing It layer cake that I just keep saving.  I nearly use it ... and then at the last minute, I back out and swap it for something else.

But how silly is that!

So, I thought what better reason could there be than my first commission.

Now its cut and sewn into gorgeous pin-wheels and I just love how this baby quilt is taking form.

It was quite liberating to use up all my favourite squares.

So when it came to choosing the backing fabric, I just couldn't resist adding another of my "precious" fabrics too - some Aneela Hoey Sherbert Pips.

I used some Quilter's Dream Wadding that I had been saving for something special too.

Over on Kelby Sews there is a Quilt A-long called My Precious going on.  Inspiring lots of quilters to cut into their precious fabrics too.  Linking up.

Sorry for the pants photos today.
Even with daylight, the colours don't show up at all well.
Cheerio for today.


  1. Looks lovely :) Well done for cutting your precious. I haven't yet!!!

  2. Fab way to use them :o) I'm part way through my Precious, but I'm only really aiming for the August deadline, as I have so much else on!

  3. Looks lovely!! Can you recommend a good tute for pinwheel blocks??

    1. Thanks Louise.
      I sure can - I love pinwheels since I found the Missouri Star Quilt You Tube video for the easy way to perfect pinwheels. You basically take two squares of fabric and sew 1/4 inch all the way round each seam with right sides together.
      It feels scary because there is no gap for turning but that is because you then cut them diagonally both ways. Then when you press them open you have four perfectly easy half square triangles to arrange into a pinwheel.
      P.S. I replied here because you are a no-reply blogger.

  4. Very pretty! I love the Just wing it line xx

  5. Just lovely! I am the same about my favourite fabrics, it is hard to chop them up! How exciting to have a commission. That is the road I am hoping to go down one day too :-)

  6. I really like those fabrics.


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