Sunday, 13 May 2012

Runaround Bag fabric

Ever since I made my first bag from the fantastic Noodlehead pattern for the Runaround Bag, I have been meaning to make another.  I messed up the binding on the first one but I was so pleased with the inside pocket execution that I thought I would just use it for a few days.

That was months and months ago (like last Summer! ago).  And I am still using it.

I get so many positive comments about it and I really love the design - Noodlehead patterns ROCK!  But I still know that I messed up the binding and it bugs me.   And inspired by Kelly at Jeliquilts Mad Old Bag Project, I thought I really should get on with it.

I finally saw some fabrics that I thought would be perfect on the Backstitch site the other day.

And here they are...

Butterflies for the outside and green for the lining.

What do you think?

Hopefully, by next weekend, I will have a finished bag to show you.

Cheerio for today


  1. Wow those fabrics are adorable! I think they work really well together, I can't wait to see what you come up with. :-) xx

  2. I like the buttlerflies! But think it should be the lining? I'm sure whatever you do it'll look fab xx Nice one Liz xx

    1. I have a feeling you might be right Sam. xxxx

  3. I love enabling ;-). I think it will look fab!

  4. I 'need' one of these bags! Lovely Lizzy House selection for your new one, although the old one looks fine and dandy to me too! Jo Jo xx

  5. I want to make one too!


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