Sunday, 17 June 2012

It's oh so quiet...

Wordle: framed purse wordle

It's oh so quiet...  its oh so still...  *hums Bjork song loudly* 

At least sewing progress has been incredibly quiet and slow.

The Dandelion boy is just discovering words.

So we have entered that phase of toddlerhood where every time he utters a new word, we are all overwhelmingly impressed.

As a result he likes to practice talking all the time...

I mean all the time...

Especially at bed-time!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Since I usually sew after the Dandelions are asleep, this has meant absolutely totally frustratingly no sewing time whatsoever *miserable mummy*.

The Dandelion girl has just discovered Wordles.  That funny mess of words atop of this page is one such Wordle - aren't they cool?  You just feed in lots of words and the programme creates a funky montage for you to play around with.  I will definitely be using it every week to print off her spellings.

Inspired by all the framed purses being made recently, I placed an order with U-Handbag earlier this week.  And yesterday I managed to (rather disastrously) sew up my first ever one.

I was completely pants at the gluing stage.

And managed to get the annoying stuff all over the outside of the frame and the fabric.

But after a lot of scraping and picking off that glue, I am really pleased with how it turned out.

They certainly are addictive these ickle framed purses.

I am already itching to make some more.

Happy sewing Sewistas.
Cheerio for today.


  1. Lovely purse. The glue is a right mess for most of us and the picking of glue off the frame and all is an essential part of the process. My two girls are at the stage that I would pay them if they just shut up sometimes! I would like to give you hope but can't!

  2. I am all signed up for the Frame Purse Swap and now I'm quaking! Any tips? Di x

  3. Such a cute purse! You have my sympathy with the chatting, mine does not stop!

  4. Boo to lack of mummy sewing time, but well done for tackling the frame purse!


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