Sunday, 17 June 2012

Vintage Haberdashery Happiness

Yesterday, I found a treasure...

Right here on my doorstep!!!!!

THE most amazing Vintage Haberdashery you have ever seen.

Source: Wayward website
Its called Wayward and is an eclectic mix of vintage linens, buttons, trims, ticking, voile... in fact just about everything you could dream of in a vintage haberdashery and its huge!  I bought a metre of the most wonderful grey heavy linen.

The super stylish lady serving pointed me in the direction of some amazing genuine Saville Row tailoring fabric and also mentioned that there are some rolls of vintage fabric which were used by Warner Bros several decades ago.

There was so much to take in that I am only scratching the surface with what I am mentioning.

Its only open on a Saturday, but I understand that they have a stall at the Portobello Market on a Friday and can also be found once at week at Gardner Street Market in Brighton too.

Fabulous Mr Men ribbon which was only £1 for the whole roll.

And an amazing roll of orange ribbon and bright *longer* length zips to add to my collection.

Cheerio for today


  1. Nothing beats finding a gem on your doorstep!!!
    Will keep that in mind when househunting ;-)

  2. Sounds great where abouts is it xx

    1. Its in the Norman Road, St Leonards on Sea.
      If you google that, they have a great website. It was like finding a tiny bit of the Brighton Lanes here!

  3. Always good when you stumble across things like this on your doorstep. Well, apart from for your wallet that is ;o)

  4. Oh you lucky thing. Think of the fun you will have rummaging for 'finds. Di x

  5. Ah, you found it! Fab, isn't it! I own that linen, I think :)

  6. where could i buy some mr men ribbon?

    1. This is from a vintage shop in Hastings, so its not new stock. If you can't find any elsewhere, let me know. I can't reply to you as you are a no-reply blogger but I would be happy to get some for you if you let me know how much you want.

  7. I have tried everywhere to get it I would very great full if u could get some for me :) my email is


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