Sunday, 3 June 2012

The One About Not Going to the Retreat

Yep, you read that title correctly!

This is the One about Not Going to the Fat Quarterly Retreat.

On Thursday night, I became horribly completely unbearably ill with the worst stomach bug I have ever endured.  Both of the little Dandelions had been poorly in the week, and in fact I'd already had a mild version of it at the start of the week, so I was totally gutted on Friday when I just knew that there was no possible way I would make the Retreat on Saturday.  My chin has been scraping along the floor.

I have kept in the loop a little by watching the Instagram feed of pictures taken at the event and a couple of blog updates.

But my ickle fingers haven't been totally dormant!  Since I had already cut all my fabrics for the English Paper Piecing class, and with countless hours of bed/sofa rest on the cards, I thought I might as well give the Snowball block a go.

I have to say that I hated nearly every second of making it.  I find it irritatingly tedious to hand stitch.  Probably because I suck at it.  My thread gets knotted every other second or catches on my seam allowance.  I prick and prod myself all the time, or I lose concentration and unthread my needle.

But whilst watching the Queen and the rainy Jubilee Flotilla today, I managed to complete it.

And now its done, I love it.  Its sort of how I felt when I ran the half marathon - during the race, I wondered why I'd ever started, why I had thought it would be a good idea at all - by the end I was ecstatic and longing to train for another.

Nearly every stitch was sewn whilst singing along to the fantastic Jubilee song "Sing" which is breathtakingly gorgeous.  Tonight there was an hour long show about all the people Gary Barlow met and included in it from around the Commonwealth.  Lydia, the girl who starts and ends the song has a voice which is just mesmerising.

Happy sewing and singing.


  1. Missed you! My feelings on EPP to a tee! Di x

  2. I couldn't believe that you got ill :( I got centre, 2 squares and a diamond sewn on so you did so much better xxx

  3. I couldn't believe that you got ill :( I got centre, 2 squares and a diamond sewn on so you did so much better xxx

  4. You were missed.see you next year.

  5. what a bummer that you couldn't make it :-(
    Next year!!!

  6. What a sad turn of events to have your hopes dashed like that, but you took lemons and made lemonade with that gorgeous snowball block! I love the color combination. I really hear you on the hand sewing too. I have the exact same problems. I hate it when the thread comes off the needle because my eyesight is going and threading a needle is really frustrating these days. It's nice to see I'm not alone!

  7. Liz, So sorry to hear you didn't make it to the event this week end, your paper piecing looks great though so it was not completely wasted.Like you I too enjoyed all the Jubilee festivities and YES I watched every bit, and loved the 'Sing' programme. Never gave G.B. much credit before but wow what a talent to produce something like that and didn't he look proud up there on the dais escorting our Monarch! RULE BRITTANIA I say!!!
    Get well really soon.
    Monkey Business & Quilts.

  8. I do hope you can come next time! Your EPP Is excellent, I think it gets less fiddly with practice, at least I am hoping.

  9. So sorry you didn't make it after all that hassle! I think I'd rather make more EPP than run another half marathon (I think 3 is quite enough!)


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