Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Finishing off Darkroom Daydreams

I finally managed to finish off the hand embroidery on my Brit Quilt Swap label and get it sewn onto the mini quilt that I have made for my {secret Partner}.

This small mini quilt has taken me hours and hours to complete but I have to say that I am really pleased with how it has turned out.

I really hope it floats my {Partner's} boat.

Darkroom Daydreams is finished

As I was browsing through some gorgeous vintage sewing supplies the other day, my eyes flashed upon that cute little winking Owl and I just knew that he was the perfect finish for my label.

Darkroom Daydreams is finished

I can't wait for swap day to arrive now.
I am sooooooooooo excited to find out who has been stalking me these past few weeks and see what they have made for me.
I hope all is well with you.
Cheerio for today.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

A Japanese X and + block for the Bee

Our August Queen Bee is Sue {blogless Sue, I think} and yesterday morning her fabric and instructions landed *thud* on my doorstep.

She wanted a Japanese X and + block.  One which was very scrappy and slightly larger than the one in this tutorial.

I loved making these blocks and I am loving being in a Bee, much more than I could have imagined.  It's great getting other people's fabric to play with and even better to be given a block to make that I probably wouldn't have ordinarily made.

The lighting sucks in these pics but these babies look fab in real life. 
Untitled Untitled Untitled

I might just have to make me some of these as placemats.  I am desperate for a table runner and placemats for our kitchen farmhouse table.  I keep making them but they always seem to be perfect pressie fodder, so out off they go to new homes and my table is still bare.


A huge well done to our Bronze medal winner Rebecca Addlington.
Go Team GB

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Fun at the Fayre

As with many English villages at this time of the year, the Summer Fayre and Flower Show was held at our local recreation ground today.

Emboldened by THAT lady on the telly, I decided to enter a couple of handicraft classes; a miscellaneous crafts class and another incorporating the diamond design.  My little Dandelion girl and I had such fun getting everything ready and going to the rec. first thing this morning to *stage* our entries.  It was hilarious, but the tension was high - especially with money prizes ranging from 50p to £2.00 up for grabs!!!

Later when the crowds had gathered, we returned.  You need to imagine your own soundtrack to these pics - the local brass band blaring out their ditties; the ladies choir's rendition of Gary Barlow's Jubilee song "Sing".


Fun at the Fair, it just wouldn't be complete without candy floss.


Beautiful flowers.


with Olympic themes


And last but not least our entries - just check out that fantastic artwork


Whoop whoop - we got a Second Prize.  Admittedly there were only three entries in this class, but we are still smiley as a result.

In other news... Blogger {or rather Google+} seems to be playing me up at the moment.  It seems to have decided to make me back into a No Reply Blogger.   Grrrrr it was such a pain to sort out the first time around.  I am very very grateful  to Hadley who emailed me to let me know.  I think I have fixed it now, but boy has by inbox been quiet these past few days.  I have missed you guys.

Happy Olympics - hope you are enjoying them as much as we are.
The Opening Ceremony was utterly amazing and the red button has kept us fully amused for every spare second today.
Cheerio for now.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Zakka Style Sew Along Delightful Linen Bag

Last night I whipped up my second item in the Zakka Style Sew Along.

It is the Delightful Linen Bag's turn this week.

It was super fast and easy to make.  It was really a fun little project and one I will definitely make again.  It's way smaller than it looks but it's definitely {delightful}.

Zakka sew along

Linking up with LR Stitched

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Wow What A Weekend

The Sun is shining!  I am so glad that it is because I believe there was a very important wedding going on today, but more about that soon on another blog you know and love...

Not only have we had the most beautiful sunshine but I have had the most amazing weekend.

Yesterday, the hubster and I spent the whole day together belatedly celebrating our wedding anniversary.  We actually had a whole day on our own without the Dandelions to keep us entertained.  Just two *grown ups* toogevva ;0)

We went here and browse the fabrics before eating a very very late breakfast in their restaurant, something I can highly recommend, especially if you are partial to scrambled eggs on toast.


Then we went there...


Rather embarrassingly, it was my first visit to the V&A.

I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved it and how much inspiration I got from it.  I can't wait to go back there again very soon.

I particularly loved these marble carved decorative windows. They were so beautiful in the light and I would love to make an all white patchwork inspired by them.


Today was another BIG day for Hastings.

We regained the Guinness World Record for the most Pirates in one Place with over 14,000; smashing the previous record by 6,000.

And then these guys turned up to close the day

{awe inspiring brilliance}



I so hope that you have had a lovely weekend too.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Zakka Style Sew Along

For weeks I have been noticing gorgeous items pop up on a number of blogs that I follow.  Zakka style gorgeousness.

Then I discovered that there is a whole Sew-Along happening.  Its over half way now but it is still a very welcoming group.  Its hosted on the lovely LR Stitched blog.  But you probably know all this already...

Last week, I caved and bought the Zakka Style sewing book, so that I can join in.  My first project was a curious one - The Patchwork Ribbon.   Dandelion Daughter had a party to go to today for one of our dearest friends 7th birthday, so the ribbon was the perfect finish to our handmade pressie.
I am not so sure about all the lose threads but once tied around a gift, they become quite a charming feature, surprisingly.

Zakka sew along

I made mine this morning from two thin strips of material, joined by their short ends.  Then I added some soldier ribbon, felt scraps and crochet lace trim, along with a machine embroidered strip of fabric at either end declaring a "Happy Birthday" to the birthday boy himself.

I am shocked at how smitten I am with this little project.

The Flikr group for the Sew-Along is here.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Day The Olympic Flame Came To Town

Source: Hastings & St Leonards Facebook Page

Today was a special day for Hastings; my hometown.  It was the day that the Olympic Torch came to town. There was a really amazing atmosphere and a real sense of the whole community coming together to celebrate.

There It Goes

I really can't wait for the Olympics to start now.
Go Team GB!

Have you ever seen the Olympic Flame?

Sunday, 15 July 2012

My First Bee Block and Other News

I have had such a busy few days.

Not to mention that this morning hubster and I added "Running" back into our list of hobbies.  Well, I say Running but that word might be misleading.  

On Friday, I finally met the lovely Ceri of Inspired By Felix loveliness.  We were supposed to travel up to the Fat Quarterly Retreat together, before my bug ruined the whole affair.   I had a thoroughly wonderful and I am looking forward to our next meet, which hopefully will include more sewing action too.  Its so nice to be able to talk to someone about quilting/fabric/sewing and other musings.  Her little girl is just adorable.

I came home from Ceri's with a little bundle of gorgeous fabrics - including some texty prints that I have been lusting after.

I also left her's with a new dish idea for my kitchen; Beef and Guiness Stew.  I am always struggling to know what on earth to cook, especially now that there are four opinionated tasters in the house.  I rustled it up for yesterday's tea and everyone scoffed the lot!!

I still need to add some more culinary delights to my armoury, so please leave me a comment and tell me your favourite dish to cook.

In sewing news, this...

First FQRK Bee Block

I have finally sewn my first Bee Block for the Fat Quarterly Retreat Kinky Bee that was formed recently.  You might recall that I blogged about it here.

First FQRK Bee block

Kelly asked for One 19" block of circles.  She supplied all the materials and this is what I came up with.  A Circle Explosion for rainbowy fun.  I string paper pieced the large inner circle and then raw edge appliquéd various sized circles in a random explosion sort of a manner. 


Oh gosh, I hope she likes it.

Finally, on future happenings around these parts...

I have fallen in love with a new quilt pattern.  Its called Space Dust and its just fuelling my *I love Tula Pink's new Birds and Bees fabric line* fire.  Its a pricey pattern but given the intricacy of the paper pieced individual block and the amazingly gorgeous end result, I am smitten.

Tula Pink Space Dust Quilt
Source: Tula Pink Space Dust Quilt by craktpot on Flikr

Now, I'm off to check on dinner.  It might take me some time! I will be walking around for the rest of the day in a rather embarrassing *first time back to running* muscles have all seized up sort of a way.

Cheerio and thanks for visiting.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Darkroom Daydreams

A happy moment of inspiration resulted in my latest mini quilt.

Its for the Brit Quilt Swap and is for...

nope! That's a secret, of course.

Brit Quilt Swap Round 3 - "Darkroom Daydreams"

I am so pleased with how this one turned out.


"Darkroom Daydreams" mini quilt for the Brit Quilt Swap3

I hope that my super talented partner likes it. xxxx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Circles Three Ways

Yet another post from me about circles.

But when Katy from The Littlest Thistle nudged me about the Inset Circle Challenge occurring over at hers this month {including a Linky Party at the end of the month too}, I just had to give another circle technique a go.

Katy lists a number of brilliant tutorials on her post, and having watched/read them all, I decided to go with Very Kerry Berry's method.

I cut out my circle


and I cut out my inset circle with a diameter one inch bigger, then I pinned neurotically.  I set my stitch length to minuscule and off I went.


I hated every second of it.

It was tricky and annoying sewing round that circle with pins pricking me every other second.

But it went together really well.


However, the expanse of fabric looked a little bare, so...


I thought what the heck, wouldn't it be fun to try all the circle techniques out on this one block.  

I added a Porthole to the bottom left corner and lots of appliqué circles to every other available space. 

Circles Three Ways

Then I quilted it and transformed it into a cushion.  Quite a boyish cushion.

Circles Three Ways

Voila Cushion a la Circles Three Ways.


Sunday, 8 July 2012

Quick Finish

Just a quickie to show you the Mumsie Table Runner Finish

I managed to get a couple more circles appliquéd on to it {as requested by the Mumsie recipient}, quilted and bound yesterday.

Untitled Untitled

You can't really see from the picture above but the quilting has made the appliqued circles look quite 3D - they are nicely raised up and I'm really happy with how that turned out.


We are having a Tennis Party today and mostly watching Wimbledon and getting excited about our British hope.
Go Murray!
Hope you have a fab day

Saturday, 7 July 2012

I-Spy Charm Swap

I am loving the brilliant Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop which Plum and June are hosting this summer/autumn.

Plum and June

I've found quite a lot of new blogs through the hop, and with them new inspiration.

The lovely Jennifer over at Knotted Thread blog is organising an I-Spy Charm Swap, which I am super excited to take part in.

Ever since I started dabbling in quilting, I have wanted to make an I-Spy Quilt for my littlest Dandelion.  But trying to gather together enough different and diverse picture charm squares is proving tricky for me, so I am very pleased to get a chance to take part in this swap.

Just in case you don't know what an I-Spy Quilt is, this definition from About.com says

Definition: An I Spy Quilt is made from fussy-cut fabrics, usually children's prints or other types of novelty fabrics with motifs that depict objects the child can "spy" when looking at the quilt. I Spy Quilts are typically made from squares, since they are easy to fussy cut, but you'll also find quilts made with other patchwork shapes.
There are still spaces available.   Fancy taking part too?

Just head on over to Knotted Thread and leave a comment for Jennifer there.

But hurry... I know from bitter experience that these swaps fill up quickly.

Need more encouragement?????? Here are a few of my favourite I-Spy Quilts {from the Flikr group of the same name}

I Spy Bubbles
Source: I-Spy Bubbles by Koshka2 on Flikr

I Spy Quilt Progress
Source: I Spy Quilt by Riel on Flikr

Bottled Rainbow Quilt Along *Raspberry Block*
Source: PinkPlease! on Flikr

Shall we have a little game right now??? I know you want to ;0P

I spy with my little eye... something beginning with D

Cheerio for now