Sunday, 29 July 2012

A Japanese X and + block for the Bee

Our August Queen Bee is Sue {blogless Sue, I think} and yesterday morning her fabric and instructions landed *thud* on my doorstep.

She wanted a Japanese X and + block.  One which was very scrappy and slightly larger than the one in this tutorial.

I loved making these blocks and I am loving being in a Bee, much more than I could have imagined.  It's great getting other people's fabric to play with and even better to be given a block to make that I probably wouldn't have ordinarily made.

The lighting sucks in these pics but these babies look fab in real life. 
Untitled Untitled Untitled

I might just have to make me some of these as placemats.  I am desperate for a table runner and placemats for our kitchen farmhouse table.  I keep making them but they always seem to be perfect pressie fodder, so out off they go to new homes and my table is still bare.


A huge well done to our Bronze medal winner Rebecca Addlington.
Go Team GB


  1. Well done on the blocks! I have 5 wee ones I'm still pondering a home for...

  2. Argh pressure!!! I have only just opened the envelope and you have made 3 already!

    They do look great though - they look very fancy so I hope they are not too tricky. I think I can guess how they are made so will check out the tutorial when I have some time

  3. Wow these are great! And don't they look fab all together too, perfect for a table runner! xx

  4. I love this block too, which reminds me I have to sew them together as they are currently languishing on the spare bed! Two medals today - things are looking okay!

  5. Hi Liz,
    Popped in to say hello and thanks for following me. I totally enjoy meeting new people and readying their inspiring blogs. I am your newest follower! I love these blocks and your Union Jack pillow is too cute!
    See ya!
    ~Amy~ :)

  6. A great design. Well done Liz.

  7. Good job -They look so cool all lined up.


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