Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Day The Olympic Flame Came To Town

Source: Hastings & St Leonards Facebook Page

Today was a special day for Hastings; my hometown.  It was the day that the Olympic Torch came to town. There was a really amazing atmosphere and a real sense of the whole community coming together to celebrate.

There It Goes

I really can't wait for the Olympics to start now.
Go Team GB!

Have you ever seen the Olympic Flame?


  1. I was amazed at the turnout when the flame came past our house - a sea of people had turned up to see it. I had thought it would just be me, the kids, and our next door neighbour clapping! Great atmosphere though. Can't wait for th'Lympics proper to start!

  2. Alas it went through George Square during work hours so I missed it...

  3. It really does bring a real sense of community. I loved it when it came through our town. Di x

  4. I should have gone to see it go through Henley, but they closed the bridge so I couldn't get to it. Shame, because there was a streaker - a young lad with "Free Tibet" written across his chest! Seems Olympic fever is everywhere! Lovely pics xxx

  5. My girls went to see the flame with the school. They summed it up as an hour drive there, and another hour back - with thirty seconds to see the flame. Apparently they missed all the other stuff due to traffic on the way to Buckingham. So pleased you had a better time than they did!

  6. It's coming through Tooting next week when I am at work, but as I can't stand crowds I might go up to the fifth floor and look from there :)

  7. I've been fortunate to see the Olympic flame three times, once in 1988 when Canada hosted the Winter Olympics in Calgary. We were given candles which had been lit from the torch itself, as it was evening(I still have the wind cups from them). The second time was just 2 years ago when the Winter Olympics were hosted just 100 kms away from my home, in Vancouver, BC. First the torch came through my town, and then we went and experienced the festivities and saw the actual flame! Have fun and even if you can't go to any events, try to get into the city at least once and take in all the free stuff - we had a blast and it is definitely a "once in a lifetime" experience.

  8. When the 'Lympics hit Sydney the flame was passing right by the street behind ours. Off we went at the allocated time to watch & darn it if it wasn't so late that everyone began chatting & socialising etc, so much so that we all nearly missed it when it eventually ran by!!! I managed to catch a glimpse. LOL
    I must admit, what with living in Stratford & my partner's work being involved in assurance for the games I have been struggling to get excited cause for us it has been fairly stressful.
    I am however looking forward to the gymnastics & the diving.
    We also have tickets for the Paralympics so that will be fun.

  9. PS: I should point out that I will be watching on telly like everyone else as we missed out on tickets! LOL


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