Thursday, 5 July 2012

You Spin Me Right Round

You Spin Me Right Round Baby, Right Round...

:hum along if you will:

Or, at least, Kelly of Jeliquilts, who is our Miss July in our FQR Kinky Bee, is spinning me round with her circle block request for this month.

FQR Kinky Bee

Like a Record Baby, Right Round, Round, Round...


Okay, okay, I will stop singing now, I promise!

Here is Kelly's inspiration mosaic:

Kinky Bee inpsiration mosaic

and her own circle block 1 - the one with the scarily perfect circles and magnificent fabric choices as one would expect from Her Royal July-ishness!

Circle block 1 - July Bumble bee
Circle Block 1 by Kelly of Jeliquilts

Trash, another member of our Bestest Bee in the World ;0P, posted to say that even though the parcels only arrived 5 minutes ago, she has already finished hers...

So, I thought I should get a bit more practice in before I cut into Kelly's fabrics.

Armed with my best white thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yup, I've actually ripped off the celophane from the Aurifil now!!!!!!!!!!! I added some circles to these pinwheel blocks {which my old Mumsie wants as a table runner but was complaining that they were too white and too plain beforehand}.

This attempt is raw edge applique, using BondaWeb and the gorgeous machine blanket stitch {that I actually upgraded and bought my posh machine for!}.  I think I like how this looks much more than my first attempts the other day.  Its got a more modern feel to it, I think.

Untitled Untitled

Cheerio for now
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  1. Argh piling on the pressure Liz! I had better pull my finger out!

  2. Love all the circle blocks! Yours are lovely!

  3. they look fab! your mum will love it! How was the aurifil?

  4. Love your runner and being called her Julyiness xx

  5. Psst, if you manage an inset circle, I have a challenge going on this month. Just sayin'... :oD

  6. Like what you have done with the runner. Looking forward to seeing more circles. Di x

  7. Wow, so neat, so perfectly circular. So jealous ...


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