Friday, 20 July 2012

Zakka Style Sew Along

For weeks I have been noticing gorgeous items pop up on a number of blogs that I follow.  Zakka style gorgeousness.

Then I discovered that there is a whole Sew-Along happening.  Its over half way now but it is still a very welcoming group.  Its hosted on the lovely LR Stitched blog.  But you probably know all this already...

Last week, I caved and bought the Zakka Style sewing book, so that I can join in.  My first project was a curious one - The Patchwork Ribbon.   Dandelion Daughter had a party to go to today for one of our dearest friends 7th birthday, so the ribbon was the perfect finish to our handmade pressie.
I am not so sure about all the lose threads but once tied around a gift, they become quite a charming feature, surprisingly.

Zakka sew along

I made mine this morning from two thin strips of material, joined by their short ends.  Then I added some soldier ribbon, felt scraps and crochet lace trim, along with a machine embroidered strip of fabric at either end declaring a "Happy Birthday" to the birthday boy himself.

I am shocked at how smitten I am with this little project.

The Flikr group for the Sew-Along is here.


  1. Well done, I fell off the zakka wagon and then made 10 of the pencil cases for teacher gifts this week, I see you've discovered the errata too, always useful to know before you start!

  2. This is lovely. I like that the ribbon is personalised. When I first saw it on Flickr I thought you had made it because of the olympics and all the 'Britishness' going on at the moment. But I see it is for a lucky little boy. I hope you enjoy the Zakka sew-along - it is good fun and surprising which projects become firm favourites (I particularly liked the magnets even though I thought I wouldn't!).

  3. Welcome
    I have so enjoyed this zakka sew a long and I am certain you will too.

  4. So great to see some of this in action!

  5. I was doubtful about ribbon too, but it looks fabulous when on the gift package.

  6. I've got the book outon loan from the library - you've inspired me to make something out of it now. Love the personalisation on the ribbon and your tag is too cute :)

  7. Your ribbon looks perfect! I joined in with the first few weeks but things just got in the way.
    Seeing yours has made me keep it in mind for future presents, what a great way of of making it personal and not having to add a tag! Could be great for Christmas!

  8. That is a really cute ribbon! What a lovely way to personalise a gift!

  9. Wow, your ribbon looks fantastic and I love your Dandelion tags! Great idea, how do you make those? Are they printed or stamped?
    And your machine can do embroidery! I always wanted one that has this feature... :o))

    Happy sewing!


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