Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Check out Sarah's Lovely Mug Rug Tutorial on the Blog Hop today

It's my amazingly talented {bloggy} friend Sarah's turn on the Plum and June Blog Hop today.

Her blog is always a great read and I'm sure that she would love it if you hop on over to visit her today.

You can find her here.

And she has a really great tutorial today for this mug rug.

Source: Sarah Sews Quilting Blog

The rest of the Blog Hop this week is detailed here and its always a lot of fun.

I have lots of birthday pressies to stitch together this week and next, so probably wont have much that I can blog about lest the recipients might glance upon their surprise gifts.

Hope you are having a great week.
Thanks for reading.


  1. I read this earlier today too - it is fab isn't it?

    Hope you get to unveil the birthday stitchery once it won't spoil the surprise!

  2. Have a great stitchery week x

  3. Hi Liz,

    Only just noticed this on your blog, it's SO sweet of you to give me a shout out, thank you so much!!! You are one very talented lady too and it's fab getting to know you and seeing all your wonderful makes. I hope we get to meet some day!!

    Sarah xxx


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