Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Hand Quilting Fun

I am really enjoying making an extra special pouch for the Pretty {little} Pouch Swap.

I have finished both the front and back outside panels.

And added my first little bit of hand quilting to both sides.


I used some lovely Perle Cotton that I got at the Sandown Quilt Show.

Pouch swap leaf detail progress pic

Hand quilting is so much more enjoyable and quick than I thought it would be.  I am so pleased with how it transforms them both, even with my slightly wonky stitches.

I am really smitten but I am totally struggling to find the right needle to use.  My local haberdashery shop didn't have any quilting needles with big enough eyes for the Pearle Cotton.  I really must try and find something more suitable online because I can't wait to do a bit more hand quilting asap.

Cheerio for today 


  1. Your work is lovely! I hope you find the right needle soon!

  2. I have tried a few needles but settled now on Sashiko needles, very strong and easy to thread with perle.

  3. Check out the Village Haberdashery. They have some embroidery needles and maybe Annie can tell you if they are good for perle.

  4. Oh Liz, your pouch-to-be looks absolutely great! I might be a bit envious so if your partner doesn't like it for some weird reason, send it my way please!!!

  5. Looking great :o) Try darning needles, they're usually easy to get hold of, I use them all the time

  6. Wow - the leaf looks spectacular against the dark blue! Lovely x

    I agree with the eye size of quilting needles - just too teeny for embroidery thread. I tend to use my embroidery needles because of the bigger eye although they are not as pointy. Not tried Sashiko needles but they sound ideal.

  7. I love the leaf! I have the same issue with needles - I'll be interested to hear what you end up finding.

  8. Great hand quilting!! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday.

  9. Hand quilting just adds something doesn't it. I bought some special embroidery needles that did the job. Ask before you buy, I say! Di x

  10. I really must give hand stitching more attention in my projects. Love the leaf you made. You're going to have one lucky swap partner.

  11. Ah Liz it looks gorgeous! What a lucky partner! Try crewel embroidery needles, I think I use about size 7. It was about a pound for a pack of 12 ish, and they do the trick.

  12. I love the navy background you have used for this and the lovely little leaves are gorgeous - lucky partner! I saw some Sashiko needles on the Cotton Patch website a while ago if that helps! ENjoy the weekend :)


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