Sunday, 12 August 2012

Not One Number!

Well, after all my recent wins, I took Katy and Gertie Pye's advice and bought a lottery ticket for last nights draw.

I was really hoping to win it big time because there is a lot of fabric that I {need} to add to my teensy tiny stash.

And I would really love to host another giveaway here too.

But alas not one of my numbers popped out of Guievere's orifice.

I did make a couple of scrappy coasters following Charlotte's ruddy brilliant tutorial.  They need a bit more quilting but my bobbin thread ran out and then Mo Farrah made me shout and cheer and then finally sob, so I had to sit down for a while.


Now I am totally addicted and itching to make some more of these tonight.  Charlotte {aka the Wee Pixie} totally ROCKS for her super fantastic tutorial.  

I really think we should have a Coaster Off (like a Dance Off but with a lot more sewing and less embarrassing moves).

The time to cook dinner has come.


  1. these are fab ! make more more more !!!

  2. Love the coasters, I have made some today as well x

  3. If I ever win the lottery you won't need me to blog about it. You will hear me screaming without any electronic help. Sorry it wasn't your turn this week.

  4. Oh bugger that, I was relying on you to set me up in the sewing business ;o)

  5. I never made fabric coasters but that's a great idea to use scraps and to practice quilting (FMQ)! Thanks for sharing, Liz! A great idea for christmas, too! Perhaps in christmas-y fabrics?! Yay...


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