Friday, 3 August 2012

Road Trip

Just a quick mobile post.

We are on a road trip to see relatives and celebrate by gorgeous niece's 21st birthday.

We left really early to try and get past Dartford before rush hour.

That didn't work out too good. Apparently, our newest Dandelion get very very car sick now {argh}. We made it about 20 mins up the road before exploring our first layby.

After several more laybys, we decide to visit Tonbridge park and play on the fab playground. Then the Pharmacist saved the day with chewy lozenges of sanity and travel bands of fun!

Several hours later and we have arrived at our little shelter for the night. Later we have a date with Mama Mia at Burghley House. I'm sure I shall cry at Slipping Through My Fingers.

A quick pic of what I have been sewing for the last two days.


  1. Love the pattern and fabrics!

  2. You have my sympathy, we've had travel sickness with one of ours from 9mths! At last tablets seem to work but every journey is well considered!

  3. Poor little dandelion - I had travel sickness as a child which my Dad helpfully told me was all in my head. My answer to that was to puke on my Brother :) Have a great time away.

    LOVE that table runner!

  4. Oh dear :( I was a car sick child as well. Looking out of the front instead of at the back of the driver's seat was one remedy so possibly move a car seat to the centre of the car. I do remember the little tablets, they did help too. Also sucking a boiled sweet, or a lollipop if Dandelion is v young.

    Love the table runner! I have still not started on my August bee block - the summer holidays are getting in the way of my sewing!

  5. Oh no!! My Godson is a really and traveller, he is sick even on a bus. We have to travel by train or carry copious amounts of plastic bags when we go anywhere with him!! My friend has found the over the counter tablets really good but that the pressure point bracelets useless.
    I have to say I am normally a great traveller , but have recently found I can't sit in the back of the husbands cab or I feel really ill!!
    That table runner is lovely, unfortunately the children being off for summer is really shortening my sewing time!! need to get them interested in sewing obviously . (I wish!!)

  6. I hope your trip improves! I have dealt with far too many bodily fluids this last week too, I completely sympathise!! Have a fab time and enjoy the celebrations. I love the table runner,gorgeous fabrics, I think even more than the last one! Is it for you this time?? x

  7. Have fun at Burghley- a long way from a Greek Island?

  8. I was car sick as a kid and only two weeks ago my mum told me that the 'travel sickness tablet' she used to give me was actually half an aspirin! Worked though! Also, on the more natural front, ginger is supposed to help nausea - maybe you could try some gingerbread men/biscuits to sweeten the journey back?

    Lovely table runner too! I completely cocked my blocks up for Sue and did them all too small because I was following the tutorial. It wasn't until I read your post that I realised so I made the three blocks I had made for her plus my test block into a cushion and made her three new ones at the proper size - what an idiot! I haven't told her yet, but hopefully she will get them tomorrow! Enjoy the birthday party and the rest of the weekend! Much love JoJo x

  9. I have always gotten car sick. It only resolved when I started to drive! Use straight roads is my advice!!! Burghley is my neck of the woods!! Enjoy the concert. Di x

  10. Fun looking x and +s My best advice is not to let the affect dandelion eat/drink anything that is acidic before you travel (eg fruit and juices) as they are particularly bad at aggravating things!

  11. Love the runner especially with a dark grey border, very classy, aren't these blocks addictive. Fortunately I have never suffered from travel sickness but I used to have a dog that did and I well remember driving along and being completely drenched as he arched his back and flung it everywhere, car took forever to lean. Hope the travelling improves and you can find a remedy that works.

  12. I love the scrappy look of that. Sorry about the carsickness!


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