Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Pencil Case Era

I have spent the afternoon listening to Radio 2.

The smell of dinner {a Beef and Guiness Stew recipe courtesy of Ceri at Inspired by Felix} wafting around the house.

The sounds of two noisy children and one {getting grumpier due to the footie scores} hubster.

Making my first boxy pencil case for one of Dandelion Daughter's friends.  You see, she and her classmates have officially reached the age of the back to school Pencil Case Era.  They are no longer Infants and as a Junior, they are required to have their own stationery supply #excited.

What else could I make for one of her bessie mates pressies then, than a pencil case stashed full of sweeties.

I used this really great tutorial  by Annie Get Your Glue Gun.  It's brilliant but sadly I am not!  My first attempt ended in disaster as I seam ripped right through the zip.  Arghhhhhh! ... I wont do that again!

Twenty minutes and one new zip later and it had all come good.



So, what have you been up to this rainy August Saturday?


  1. Nice pencil case. As for this afternoon - went to a country pub and had lunch with my hubby! Di x

  2. Well done you :o) I used to love the back to school shopping, which we used to do in bargain bulk buy style in a French hypermarket at the end of each summer holiday

  3. Nice pencil case - the fabrics you chose are lovely and it is so professional. Those seam-rippers are mighty sharp though and quite dangerous!! Today I have been designing a new pattern, walking down by the river (in between the showers) and making a quiche for dinner (I've hidden the jam tarts made from left-over pastry rollings so the 'others' don't find them - evil laugh). I like Di's idea of a Saturday pub lunch - perfect. I've also set up my post for a blog-party-giveaway which starts tomorrow. Phew - time for a drink!

  4. I remember pencil case buying being one of the highlights of the summer holidays! This one is lovely and I'm sure it will be very gladly received. Shame about the rain!

  5. Perfect, and thank you for the link because I have promised the girls I will make them each one this week.

  6. Oh, what a great pencil case, such a good idea for a birthday present!


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