Sunday, 30 September 2012

Busy Doing Nothing... I Wish!

I haven't blogged for what feels like an eternity.

We have been so busy these last few weeks, but I have really missed all your comments.

I'm taking part in a couple of swaps at the moment.

The first is:-
Mouthy Stitches 2

We are making a tote bag for our secret partner.  Since I absolutely love making totes, you'd think that this would be a great swap for me but I have to say that I am seriously struggling.  My partner in it is an actual Grown Up.  Her tastes are totally different to mine and I am totally daunted at the prospect of making this bag.

This was my practice attempt at the front and back outside panels.

Mouthy Stitches - a start

I like how it turned out and I love how the quilting works with each block.

But I can't decide on the lining fabric and now I have been daydreaming up something else for her. 

The second swap I'm taking part in is the Modern She Made Swap

Inspired by her sunshine and the mention of ticker tape quilts, this is the start I have made on her item, which is going to be a bag.

Modern She Made Swap take 2

Thanks for reading today.


  1. Liz, both your bags are going to be beautiful. You are the Queen of bag making. Di x

  2. Love the triangles! I didn't sign up for that swap BECAUSE of the requirement of the triangles but now that I see yours I'm thinking maybe I should have - gorgeous!

  3. Love them both! They will make gorgeous bags x

  4. that sun/ticker tape block is really pretty! love it!

  5. I love both of those, but especially the sunshine, its fantastic

  6. The tote is brilliant. Go with it. And I love that block. Is it paper pieced or appliqué?

  7. Both bags will be fantastic. I can't be your partner in Mouthy Stitches as I'm not a grown up yet. I lOVE the sunshine you made. If you partner doesn't like it you can send that one to me :-D

  8. loving your work. The mouthy stitches one - are the blocks quilt-as-you-go?

  9. Liz, I'm glad to hear from you, I was afraid you were ill :o/
    Love your sunny triagles block, it looks great and crisp!

  10. Liz they are both great. I think yours are just as grown up too in fact. Very clever girl.

  11. Both are lovely - go with your heart and your partners will be thrilled!


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