Sunday, 2 September 2012

Phew That Was Close

School is back this week and, with only a few precious sewing hours left, I managed to squeeze in the last of the new kit.

Pencil cases are so last week! *snigger*

This week it was the turn of the Bouteille Porteur.

{oh blimey I do hope that means Bottle Carrier in French}  It sounds so much more unusual in French, don't you think?

I sort of followed the instructions from the Zakka Style Sewing book.  My poor old brain did not really like all those WORDS.  I really need more picture instructions these days.  I am so used to following photo tutorials online for everything I make.  Its made me really lazy in a kind of "Bubble from Ab Fab" sort of a way.  So, I mostly had to wing it.


It went okay; pretty well in fact.

I just hope that I don't wince too much when I see my little Dandelion come running out of school with it dragging along the ground behind her!


I can at last {and fleetingly} have a smiley mummy moment - the last requisite item of stationery was sourced today: The Covered Pencil Sharpener; all the home sewn school supplies are completed (and in the nick of time); and new uniform purchased.  Phew that was close, but its all come together today.  By next weekend, I am sure to feel like a bedraggled mess attempting to juggle the overly hectic schedule that seems to come hand in hand with having a 7 year old these days.   Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining. I love the pace of life... really.  Its just that I am always left with the feeling that my end of year report would say "Must do better".

At least we had time to squeeze in some important tree house building today.   Smiles all round.


Hope you had a good day too.
Cheerio for now.


  1. Your bottle carrier looks fab. But yeah you need to prepare yourself for seeing it dragged on the ground and also swung around heads like some kind of weapon ;-)

  2. Well done mum, you can hold your head high in the playground tomorrow :oD

  3. Lovely bottle holder. And she shall not drag it, just instil the fear! HeeHee!

  4. Nice bottle holder. You can send them back to school knowing that you have done your best. Let the juggling begin as the pace of life is turned up! Di x

  5. Cute! I feel a little overwhelmed with life at the mo so apologies for lack of comments etc. I hope that school goes well - I am loving the plaits!

    1. Moira,
      Just read your comment - when I feel overwhelmed I slow everything down. I eat slowly, walk slowly, talk slowly - everything. I cancel as much as I can for a week and just 'hole-up' until I am feeling more in control. If there is anything I can do to help, please email me.

  6. You do make me laugh - I also sure hope that says 'bottle carrier' - giggle. I made a Plants vs Zombies bottle holder for my little one (24 y.o.) and she loves it. And you wont mind when it gets scuffed and grubby - it will prove that your skills are appreciated. Keep up the blogs - you make me smile.


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