Sunday, 9 September 2012

Yesterday's news

Yesterday I joined in with my local 1066 Quilters Guild for a Kaleidoscope workshop with Enid Newman.  Although not my usual style, the idea of learning a few new tips off some seasoned pros was enough to sign me up.  Enid was a fountain of knowledge and friendly too.

I had fun playing with mirrors and learning a thing or two about fussy cutting with freezer paper.

All the fabrics I had taken with me didn't work well in the mirrors, so Enid kindly passed on a pair of suitable curtains for me to repurpose.

After hours of cutting {8 identical 12.5" squares} slicing them up and rearranging them produced this...


They really aren't *me* at all but...


wouldn't they look amazing...


in some gorgeous Heather Ross?

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Sending lots of love to Hadley and her family today.


  1. Cool technique but I agree about the fabric ;-)

  2. Forget the fabric - you have learnt a new skill which was the purpose of the class. That is a result. Di x

  3. Lucky you going to a workshop! And I recognise that fabric - I used to have a Forever Friends bedroom with a duvet and curtains in that fabric when I was about 10!!!!

    How lovely to learn new skills and meet like minded people, and near where you live too :-)

  4. Yes, I always look at classes as a technique thing rather than an exercise in taste ;o)

  5. Cool, great trick and all you need is the right fabrics! If you have enough HR to do that then I am coming to your house in the dead of night to steal it all!!!

  6. I remember doing a workshop in this technique & using a really UGLY fabric. I have seen them made in fantastic fabrics however & they look great. Loads of planning & cutting if I remember correctly??

  7. Liz, I did a Kaleidoscope class at the Festival of Quilts. The results were interesting even in the most disgusting fabric.I bet you had a wonderful day and learnt something new,so it was worth it just for that


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