Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop

A huge hello and welcome to Dandelion Daydreams.

If this is your first time here, I hope you will like what you find and you really will make my day if you decide to *Follow* too.  It is my turn on the wonderful Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop from the fantastic Plum and June blog.  Also on the Hop today is Vicki from Quilting Lodge Blog, so don't forget to hop over to her's for a nosey too. 

Plum and June

Shall we make something for Beth to say Thank You?

I have really loved the Hop so far.  There have been so many great tutorials and I have found lot of new sewing blogs/friends through it.  I am sincerely grateful to Beth of Plum and June for organising the whole thing.  I thought it would be great to organise a little something to say thank you to her for bringing us all together like this.  What do you think?  Are you up for it?????

I thought maybe everyone who has been part of it could send me a signature block {here is a brilliant tutorial on how to make one} and I will stitch them all up into a pillow or quilt depending on how many there are.

If you are *in*, just let me know in a comment below.



Here are my answers to Beth's Q&A, followed by a fast, fun tutorial for a Flowery Keyring you can whip up in less than an hour.

How long have you been quilting
Since the summer of 2011, and I have been hooked and try to sew for an hour every evening when the children are in bed and the hubster is catching up with sport on the box.  Here are a few of the things I made in September.

September 2012 Sewing
Favorite quilting tip(s)
Don't be scared - there is always a seam ripper to undo any wrongs.  Use a quarter inch foot for sewing neat seams and cut your fabric with a rotary cutter whenever possible for a professional finish.
I also really love spray basting quilts - even huge ones.  I never believe it will work and hold all the layers but it really does.
Favorite fabric (or wish list fabric)

I have two fabrics on my {wish} list = Heather Ross - goldfish in bags and that Froggie Prince Charming by Tula Pink.  I would love to own these and if anyone sees them for sale anywhere please let me know.

Favourite children's book
Rosie's Walk
Milly Molly Mandy

Favourite quilting tools

My Quarter Inch Foot and my Rotary Cutter
Favourite music to listen to while quilting
Radio 2
Favourite TV show while hand stitching
Dexter *mwahhhhh*
Binding - by hand or by machine?
Both - I love the Red Pepper Quilts blog tutorial for machine stitching.  But sometimes I just love handstitching it.  Time is the decider for me.


Tutorial Time 

Quick and Easy Flower Keyring Tutorial

At this time of the year, I am trying to think of small, practical gifts to make for Christmas.  Maybe a quick, beautiful keyring would be perfect.  


1. Gather your supplies - you will need 5 charm squares of fabric (or 5 x 5"squares), keyring hardware, button, webbing, ribbon, needle and thread.


2.  Cut the Charm squares into circles - I used a bowl to cut round.


3.  Use your iron to fold the circle in half, wrong sides together;


4.  Iron in half again - so that you end up with a quarter circle with the right side of the fabric facing out.


5.  Repeat for all 5 charms;


6.  Sew {using a sewing machine} a strip of ribbon along the middle of your webbing.  My webbing measured 8" long;


7.  Thread a needle and sew a long basting stitch along the curved {raw} edge of your *flower* petals;


8.  Repeat with all of the petals on the same thread.  As you pull the basting stitches tight, the petals will form;


9.  Join the petals together to make the flower shape.


10.  The flower is taking shape.  I stitch the centre of the flower across the gap to pull it all really tight and secure it together;


11.  Chose a nice button for the centre of your flower.  Sew the flower {just off centre} to your webbing and attach the button at the same time;


12.  Fold the webbing in half and stitch the raw ends of the webbing together;


13.  Add the keyring hardware to the end of your webbing and press closed before hammering it securely shut.  Add keyring loop;


14.  Ta-Dah!


If you make one, then I would love to see yours so please add it to my Flikr group.
I am daydreaming a Texty fabric flower one and maybe even a spotty one too.

Don't forget.  You still have time to enter my Giveaway - just see yesterday's post for details and you could be 1 of my 3 winners.

Thanks for hopping by.
I hope you will come back again soon.


  1. Great tutorial Liz - pretty flower. Thanks :)

  2. I always love seeing what you are up to - such fab projects!

    Love the signature block idea - I'm in :)

    The flower key ring looks great too!

  3. Love the keyring tutorial and I'm def in for the sig block - such a lovely idea of yours as the blog hop is drawing to an end :) Good to get to know you better, I'd no idea you'd only started quilting just over a year ago!

  4. That is just too cute! Ok...way to go making all those things in September! You must stay very busy!

    Vicki @ Quilting Lodge

  5. Yes to the siggie block. Great idea! And gorgeous wee key ring too.

  6. Great tutorial -makes a pretty key ring. Di x

  7. Great tutorial! I really regretted not buying more Tula Pink Prints Charming range when I had the chance. Mind I missed out on Parisville completely. You really do have to snap up her stuff when it's for sale

  8. Thanks for organizing a thank you project - count me in for a sig block. Already a follower, and nice to get to know you a bit more on the blog hop!

  9. ohhh I love the keyring, might be getting busy, what width webbing did u use ?

  10. Love the keyring.

    I've started making a thank you pressie for Beth but would definitely like to contribute a sig block.

  11. Darling key ring. Nice to get to know you on the blog hop. Yes to the signature block. Let me know if it is a go. Thanks.

  12. What a great tutorial. I soooo wish I could have seen it LAST
    week ! I struggled a bit with the Mouthy stitches 'extra'.

  13. Count me in for the signature block.

    I love the tute. It may be exactly what I need for some Christmas items.

  14. I think I will be trying the keyring, it is so pretty! All the Tula Pink is here miss http://www.cottonpatch.co.uk/acatalog/Tula-Pink-Fabrics.html xxxx

  15. Key ring is awesome. Thanks for the tut. Seems like it wouldn't take long to make one.

  16. Aw, you are all so sweet! That is so totally not necessary - I've really enjoyed hosting the blog hop! And, Liz, everything in your mosaic is wonderful and I like your tutorial!

  17. I love your keyring! So clever!

  18. I liz nice to meet you. Your tutorial is great. I love making those frabric flowers, but sometimes I don't know what to make with them. Great idea.
    I think the signature block is a wonderful idea. Count me in.

  19. So nice to meet you on the hop, Liz! I am an English born girl raised in the states, and I love to read blogs from the homeland - I get all nostalgic and sniffly over things like calling the tv the "box". And Milly Molly Mandy were my favorite books as a child. I still have three much-loved books that belonged to my mum when she was little. I would be happy to make a block for Beth to say thank you for the blog hop - she is most deserving. And (sorry for the long comment), I love the tutorial - I can see lots of uses for the flower as well as a keychain :)

  20. Cute flower! I need to get caught up with the last season of Dexter. :) I'd love to contribute a signature block too. Just let me know... :)

  21. I'm in on the signature block too

  22. I'm totally in for the signature block! I loved your flower key chain tutorial!

  23. Great tutorial! Love your geese in a ring block!

  24. I've seen the Tula Pink fabric on fabric.com for just under $9/yard. I love your flower key fob! Your timing is perfect too because I still need to make my fob for my MS swap.

  25. Nice to 'meet' you Liz, great tutorial. Count me in for the signature block too.

  26. Nice to get to know you:) Your key ring tutorial is great! And you sure were productive in September. Wow! I'll make a block. Will you let us know the preferred size?

  27. It's great to meet you, Liz! I love your key ring tutorial - it looks really easy and cute to boot! I had forgotten about Pat Hutchins children's books until now! Some of my favorites!

  28. Lovely tute Liz and I am in for the siggy block x

  29. Cute tutorial!

    Also, I am "in" for the siggy block. Just email me the when's and where's and I'll get it done!

  30. You were very productive in september! Love your stuff and that key fob is cute! I'm totally in for the siggy block.

  31. Gorgeous key fob, loving the Cath Kidson! Thanks for the lovely suggestion too, I'd be in for making a block.

  32. Cute flower; I think of a lot of other places it could be used as an embellishment as well!

  33. Is it too late to be in for a gift for beth??? I want to be in too!!

    And I love your little flower. I am making one to attach to a quilt as an embelishment. I hope the recipient likes it!


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