Thursday, 1 November 2012

Mo-Stash Bee


I am really excited to be part of a new Bee that the wonderful Whitney friom The Peacock Tree and Deb from Trio Stitch Studio are organising.

I love being part of a Bee and I have been hankering after taking part in one that uses the participants own stashes each month.

I just heard this morning that there might even be giveaways!

If you are tempted, hop on over to Whitney or Deb's blogs and find out all the details by clicking on their names above.  I think the list is closing soon, so no dilly-dallying. 


  1. What have you got me into now???? All signed up x

  2. Oo oo oo very excited. Been desperate to join a bee . Seem to be like the inner sanctum.... Thanks for the heads up and fingers crossed I get in. Seems you need credentials :-D


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