Monday, 3 December 2012

Cushion Crazy

I am on a mission to fill the house with beautiful cushions.

When I met up with the lovely Ceri {from Inspired by Felix blog} this week, she showed me how to make a cushion with a hidden zipper back.

I gave it a try yesterday and I have to say that I am completely in love with the results.  I think all those UFO blocks I have hanging around are destined to become plumfy cushions very soon.

For the front, I made four simple string paper pieced blocks using strips cut from a Moda Scrap Bag.  I love those Scrap Bags.  Have you tried one yet?  Justine at Simply Solids sells them now and they are full of strips from a whole Moda line, each with its own little bit of selvedge.  I couldn't be happier!   These strips are the offcuts from the precious selvedges, so you can see that you get a great amount of fabric for a bargain price.


Here is the hidden zipper back.  
The lumps in it are just because I didn't have a the right size cushion form rather than being attributed to any sewing faux pas.

Cushion back with hidden zipper


Cheerio for now


  1. I am on a cushion mission at the moment too, so thank you for the heads up on the scrap bags. I always use Judith's tutorial (Just Jude) for the zipper backs and they turn out amazingly well and look very much like yours. I always feel smug when it turns out so well! Di x

  2. Lovely cushion! Must look into that zipper back - it looks so great!

  3. Di put me onto Jude's tutorial - it rocks. As does your cushion - quite christmassy too

  4. Looks great, although my one run in with one of those scrap packs landed me with chickens...

  5. I love the cushion, it looks amazing, i resisted the urge to add one of the scrap packs to my order yesterday, and now i wish i hadn't! : )

  6. Looking Good! can wait til i can make things like this - just practice i suppose. x


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