Sunday, 30 December 2012

Oh, oh, oh, I cut up the Neptune!!

For those of you in the know, you will realise that today was a pretty momentous day!  I only went and cut up my Neptune layer cake.

For those of you {the sane ones perhaps} reading this wondering what on earth I am on about, I will only fill you in if you promise not to roll your eyes at me... Promise.  Well, okay then...

Neptune is a fabric line that is very very hard to find.  I didn't realise that fabric went kind of *out of print* but it does.  I bought this layer cake on a whim when I first started trying to accumulate my fabric stash.  I had no idea at the time that it was hard to find or even sought after.  I just loved the nautical theme and the colours.  It's even more amazing in real life.  I only found out when I went to try and source some more of it so that I could use it for a quilt.

I had already used a couple of squares from my layer cake to make a taggie blanket for a newborn gift!  Imagine that highly prized piece of Tula Pink fabric being possetted on by a newborn with absolutely no idea that it's a Neptune!!! *giggles hysterically*

Since then, the layer cake has been sitting in my drawer wondering what it will become.

I just couldn't decide, though I regularly get it out and sort through all the leftover squares.  They are so beautiful!

On my to-do list at the moment is a very special cushion. I seriously want this cushion to be perfect in every way.  Remember my flange cushion?  Well that was a potential candidate for this special cushion and I really love it but there are a couple of lines of quilting that I am not that happy with.

Then I heard that the recipient of this {special} cushion loves Neptune and I just knew...

Today would be the perfect day to cut up the layer cake.  Hell yeah!  It's pretty Rock n' Roll round here on New Years Eve Eve you know!

Cutting up the Neptune!!!

I added in a fresh bright Kona solid and sewed me some HSTs.

I decided on this layout because it reminded me of the lifebuoys in a few of the prints.

Neptune cushion

I made the back of the cushion with the same Kona solid as the hidden zip flap and some gorgeous home furnishing weight fabric, which I love.

Neptune cushion back

I quilted it quite simply because it seems to work for the shape.

Neptune cushion

Just the binding to decide on now and this cushion will be ready to ship.

I'm linking this up as my January entry for the Lovely Year of Finishes 2013, as I really seriously want to finish this up and I know that I will be pondering and faffing over the *perfect* binding unless I do.

A Lovely Year of Finishes

You might have noticed that I have started a whole new Page for this at the top of my blog.  I am really hoping to have at least 12 important finishes in 2013.  Are you joining in too?

Happy New Year to you.
Cheerio for now


  1. it's lovely, and you are very brave ;-)

  2. What a beautiful cushion. I you are tempting me with the Year of Lovely Finishes. Di x

  3. Ship-shaping up nicely there :oD On my list of finishes for this year is my Prince Charming bubbles...

  4. So brave of you to cut the fabric, but for what a worthy cause. The cushion is gorgeous!

  5. loving your work and had to chuckle that i am not the only one that wants to hide away for new year and sew. 2 days on my own coming up ans cant wait to get stitching tee hee. Happy New Year liz and looking forward to the 12 finishes x

  6. The Kona solid you chose goes perfectly with Neptune! I must get myself a Kona colour card - it is so tricky choosing online as the colours are never quite true. Love this cushion! Hope you had a great Christmas and that you are looking forward to lots of sewing in the New Year!

  7. Well I just learned something new. Didn't know that Neptune was such a sought after item, I actually cut into some tonight for my Do Good Sitches block. I didn't have much but it sure does look pretty in my block...

  8. another cushion triumph! Have a great Hogmaney xx

  9. Liz this is lovely! I'm sure the recipient will love it and appreciate the sacrifice! But fabric is for using after all, what good is it in a drawer???? Wishing all the Dandelions a fabulous evening tonight and an even better 2013. I look forward to sewing it with you and finally meeting you! XXXXXX

  10. Liz, did I sell you this layer cake? If so, I had no idea it was sought after either! Hilarious! Well done for cutting it,and it's a gorgeous cushion. Happy new year xxx

  11. That is gorgeous!! You and I are the same way with fabric. I can't tell you how much I have that I can't bring myself to cut into! :)

  12. Beautiful! This is going to be an amazing cushion.

  13. What a lovely cushion and a lucky recipient.

    Neptune is one of my favourite fabric lines too. Like you I picked up a charm pack on a whim one day not realizing that this was highly sought after fabric. We're very lucky people. ;)

  14. Gorgeous!!!! I was really disappointed too when I started sewing and found out that fabric went "out of print". Now I feel like I have to buy any fabric that I love right away =P

  15. A great project. I know there have to be more squares somewhere. =)

  16. Congrats cutting into it. I still haven't cut into my stash of Neptune yet. The project turned very lovely!


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