Sunday, 6 January 2013

Bowling It Along

I have been busy making my Fat Quarterly Bee block for January today.

It is Trash's month and she asked for dishes, plates or bowls and sent us a piece of green solid Kona fabric to be part of the block.

Well, I realised it could be the perfect opportunity to use some of the amazing mushroom fabric I found in my LQS.

So, my block is called *Not Mushroom In This Bowl For Anything Else*

and here it is...

Fat Quarterly Bee - January block

Linking up with my lovely friend Beth at Plum and June.

  Plum and June

I am still trying very hard to just look at the Scappy Trip Around the World quilts that have invaded Instagram/Flikr/Blog land #mustnotstartanotherquilt.

Cheerio for now 


  1. I love that block! So cool. I'm also desperately trying to resist that trippy thing... but it's so hard... I have so many pieces of fabric I'm really not crazy about which would be perfect for those little squares! :-)

  2. What a fantastic block you have done!

  3. OMG that is genius Liz!! I am still in the denial stage, with no clue what to make ;-)

  4. What a fun block! Great fabric choices.
    I've been gathering and cutting scraps to join in on the scrappy trip along. Resistance was futile. lol

  5. What an incredible block. Well done!

  6. So clever - love your block! I've caved and started a scrappy trip, couldn't resist.

  7. Lol, who knew those mushrooms would come in useful :oD The block looks great though, love the flower

  8. Ha ha! Excellent block. I will be drafting mine right after I do yours - I had hoped to get some sewing time over New Year but I have not stitched a single stitch since immediately before the Christmas Fair. I need to get back to my machine asap!!

  9. Great job and so quick. I am avoiding the scrappy trip around the world train at the moment too.

  10. That is a really inventive fun block. RESIST that tripping around the world thingy - they look too addictive. Di x

  11. LOL! Great play on words :)

  12. Ha, ha, I have been just looking at the tripalong, but nearly everywhere i look, it's there! : ) Linking up from P&J Ange

  13. Love this block, I need to get my arse upstairs & catch up on the blocks I owe for my bee.
    I think the only way I can avoid the trip around the world & Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street is to stop reading blogs!! LOL


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