Friday, 11 January 2013

Scrappy Trip Along With Selvedges

I tried to resist.

But when the idea of making a Scrappy Trip Along block using selvedges popped into my mind, I knew I was going to have to make just one of these popular blocks for the Selvedge Sampler quilt {WIP}.

When The *Selvedge Supremo* that is Riel from The Q and U Quilting Blog added to my ideas with the plan of having the selvedge running down the centre of the 2.5" squares, I just had to get to work.

First I made the 6 strips needed for the block.  I almost left them like this because they looked so beautiful.  I basically too the selvedge with about an inch of fabric left on and sewed the same fabric to the selvedge so that it ran down the middle of the strip.

Scrappy Trip with Selvedges

I completely apologise for the *crappy photo - it's dark here but I just had to share this with you because I have a busy weekend ahead {birthday celebrations, you know!} and I seriously don't want to forget show you this.

It needs better lighting and more ironing but you get the gist.

Scrappy Trip Along with Selvedges

It is so ridiculously fabulous.

The white selvedge strip goes across which the Scrappy Trip brings out the diagonal.  Whoop Whoop!  Selvedges ROCK!

Have a good weekend.
I will see you again when I'm a year older!


  1. that's so cool! I wondered what you were going to do about the selvedge strips. Looks fantastic!!! And happy birthday :-D

  2. Nice way to incorporate your selvage project into ScrappyTripAlong!!

  3. Seriously cool! I've got another little bag of selvedges for you if you want them.

  4. Hee hee! This is so cool! I am so in Club Selvedge now.

  5. Happy Birthday! That block looks great - what a clever idea!

  6. Very cool! Have a great weekend sweetie xx

  7. Happy birthday Liz. I can see there is lots of playing to be done with these selvedges. What about a selvedge shattered chevron???

  8. Oh look at you!! This is so neat!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! xoxo

  9. Wow that is Uber cool! No wonder you are pleased with it. And a very happy birthday too, I hope you get to have a really lovely day. What's on your birthday list? More fabric perhaps??! x

  10. Hope you had a great birthday Liz. This is brilliant. You and your selvedges are brill!

  11. Yep, FABULOUS! And Happy B'day!

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