Thursday, 24 January 2013

Scrappy Trip Variation Cushion

On Sunday I had the urge to sew up another scrappy little squares cushion.

I grabbed a couple of spare jelly roll strips that I had left over from another project.

Six strips to be precise.

And then I thought I would use the Scrappy Trip method to sew the whole lot into loops before cutting 2.5 inch strips, so that I could open the seams in different places.  In the end, I opened up the strips in two places and then made 9-patches.

It was fun and impulsive, and pretty quick too.



  1. Great cushions, and I really need to go and read the strip along tute by the sounds of things.

  2. Impulsive you may be but they sure look good. Have made one block and it was sooo easy, I must make some more!

  3. Very pretty!

  4. Great looking cushion!

  5. love the cushion, I'm sorting out my longer strips to have a go at this tute


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