Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Shattered Chevrons

This week I have been making a really brilliant block for one of my bessie Bee mates, Sue.

She wanted a Shattered Chevron using blues, reds and greys.

I saw the tutorial for this block a little while ago and added it to my mental *I'd like to make that one day* List, so I was really excited to give it a go.  You can find the brilliant tutorial over here at Play Crafts.

Here is a Work In Progress pic:


and one of the finished block with it's borders:

Shattered Chevron
I am in love!

I think I might have to make another of these for me, perhaps with some Low Volume fabric for the ends of the strips but keeping to the reds/blues/greys for the shattered chevrons.

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Cheerio for now


  1. What a cool block - and I like your idea for your second!

  2. Great block, one I have never seen before. Di x

  3. Ooh, cool idea, this is a new one on me!

  4. ooo loving this Liz- it would be a great one to steal for the Stache Bee?????


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