Monday, 7 January 2013

Super Quick Chick

Do you ever get the urge to sew something quick?

When I saw that the January Project on the Across the Pond Sew Along was a cute little birdie pincushion, I thought I would just take a quick look at the tutorial.  It couldn't hurt to take a little quick looksy, could it?

Only three pieces of pattern to cut out!

And I could kind of suss out how to make it without reading all the instructions...

And we did need to print out something as a test print on our new printer... so it seemed like fate that I should make that little birdie.

I cut every corner I could - I machine stitched nearly every bit.  I didn't use any pins at all {well except for the two that I stuck in as his eyes!}.  I love it and it took less than an hour start to finish and that includes all the sewing, cutting, stuffing and hand sewing.

Across the Pond Sew Along

Across the Pond Sew Along

I think this Super Quick Chick might become one of my regular quick makes. To see all the other birdies, the Flikr group is here.

Linking up with the Across the Pond Sew Along.

Cheerio for now


  1. A very chic chick indeed. I love quick makes too. Di x

  2. Love it - it's so cute and really doesn't,t look like it would be that quick!

  3. Looks fab - sometimes it is nice to have a quick finish!

  4. Very cute! I made a bunch of birds like this last year for my granny as a mobile, and they were deceptively quick!

  5. That is so cute! I think I might make one of those too!

  6. I used pins, but now am jealous of your sewing and stuffing skills! So I will just have to make another little chic.... and not use pins to prove I can do it, too!
    There is something so satisfying about making a cute project in a short amount of time, isn;'t there?!

    Your little chic is very charming and lovable!

  7. Well look at you go girl! I love how yours turned out! I will be making mine soon. I'm excited to see how everyone's will turn out. Isn't this a lot of fun? I hope mind is a Super Quick Chick too!! :)

  8. What a cute birdie, and I think you're a genius to use PINS for the eyes! I could not have guessed that's what they are, and it makes perfect sense.


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