Saturday, 23 February 2013

February Finish and a Whole Lot of Love

February is the month of love and I have had a truly blessed time.  I've received some amazing quilty goodies that I absolutely promise to blog about properly as soon as I can.  They are lush and they deserve a blog post each, but below is a sneak peek at just how lucky I've been...

Made for Me in February by my Fabulous Flickr Friends
Special thanks to Di of Willowbeck Designs, Jo of  Don't Drink and Sew, Catherine at Sew Wonderful Life,  Michelle from City House Studio and my lovely Mo Stash Friends Bee members for the feathers.

And now...

drumroll, please.

:puts on important sounding stage voice:

I am proud to introduce... the rainbow iSpy quilt, duly complete! Oh yeah.  I did it.  I only went and finished my Lovely Year of Finishes project for February.  I am so happy with myself :cheesy grin:

These iSpy squares came from the charm swap that Jennifer at Knotted Thread organised last summer.  Each charm has had it's own little journey; from the person who chose it {and charmed it up}; then it flew to Hawaii to Jennifer who sorted them all out; and finally to this iSpy bonanza.

We managed to get some lovely photos of the quilt today in Rye, East Sussex which is a quaint, historic, beautiful town close to where I live.  I visit there early every Saturday morning because my little {but growing bigger} Dandelion girl goes to dance classes. The town is usually deserted when I arrive because the shops mostly don't open until 10ish.  So, I took advantage and got hubster to help me get some interesting pics.


Rainbow iSpy Quilt
Quilt Stats

Size: 73" x 60"
Quilted with Aurifil thread 50/2 medium grey - straight lines galore
Wadding: Sew Simple Super Soft 100% cotton wadding bought from Simply Solids
Binding: Kona Charcoal machine stitched to the front and hand stitched to the back



In the end, I went for a plain backing fabric {a king size 100% cotton flat sheet from TKMaxx} with an English paper pieced flower as the label.




This quilt is for my son.  It's his first.
He loves it and I love it too - we have played countless games of I Spy over the last few days; used it to tell stories; learn colours and cuddle underneath.
Quilting ROCKS!

Thank you, loyal readers, for persevering with me on this prolonged journey to iSpy completion. I hope you will agree, it was worth it in the end.

Now I am off for a cuppa and a quick browse through the other February finishes over at the Lovely Finishes party which you can find here.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Pressing On!

Yup, I'm "pressing on" with the studying.  It's going okay, but I am missing sewing so much.

Sundays are my only nominated sewing day for the moment and I wanted to get a couple of important sewing jobs done.  Hubs and I cleaned up my sewing machine which was in much need of a bit of TLC.  There was an embarrassing amount of fluff under the bobbin plate.

Next up, I did some sewing on a special secret project that I promise I will tell you all about as soon as I'm allowed.  All I can say is that it's going to be *wild*!

Then I was on to my bee block sewing for this month.  It's Ana's turn this month in the Fat Quarterly Kinky Bumblie Bee and she asked for sewing themed blocks to be made using Aneela Hoey's super cute Sew Stitchy line.

I was immediately taken with Leila's pattern *Press On*  {Where the Orchids Grow} that was featured in the Sew Out Loud Quilt Hop a little while ago.

I assumed it would be a paper pieced block and there are options for paper piecing but my printer decided to only spit out the freezer paper method templates.

Too lazy to go back to the printer once I realised this,  I thought I'd give this technique a try.

For those who haven't tried it, it basically involves cutting the shapes out of freezer paper and ironing them onto your fabric.  This pattern called for it to be ironed onto the right side of the fabric.  You then cut the fabric with a 1/4 inch seam and sew it all together.

I have to say that I enjoyed it far more than paper piecing and am already looking forward to my next block made in this way.

There is even a moment of excitement before the papers are peeled off...

Fat Quarterly K Bee February block
Before the freezer papers are removed
Fat Quarterly K Bee February block
Removing the papers
Fat Quarterly K Bee February block
Ta-Dah - the finished block
Such fun!

Cheerio for now.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Do you take commissions?

Regular readers here will probably have realised that I love taking part in swaps on the fabric/sewing make kind.

Since I have taken on extra work commitments for the next few months, I really can't sign up to any more swaps and I have about quartered the amount of time I have to sew.   

For the last couple of years, I have been trying to make birthday pressies for friends and family {those who have shown a penchant for a quilted item, at least}.  But this year, I just wont be able to keep up.

When I was asked what I'd like for my birthday, I realised how much I would love to receive something made by someone from our wonderful online sewing community.  A very talented mama that first inspired me to thread up my sewing machine and buy some of that pricey quilting cotton ;0)   I knew she had an Etsy shop, so I emailed to see if she was taking on commissions and lucky for me she was.

Here is my commissioned cushion by Kelly from Jeliquilts 

My beautiful birthday pressie from Kelly {jeliquilts}

Geese of the most gorgeous rainbow variety.

I can't tell you how much I love my cushion.  Not only does it look gorgeous on my sofa but it's uber comfy too.

I love that I have a Jeliquilts make in my home; I love that it was a gift from my Dad for my birthday and I love that it is absolutely perfect!

Well now it's got me thinking that I would like to buy more makes from my bloggy friends who take commission or have Etsy shops.  Is there a list anywhere of those who do?  If there is, then I can't find it...

Maybe I should start a page here dedicated to those of you who do sell wonderful handmade goodies on Etsy or accept commissions so that I {and anyone else looking to buy} can find you easily.

If you do, please leave me a comment with a link and any relevant details of the items you sell; zippy pouches, cushions, quilts, knitted/crochet goodies too etc.  I would love to get all my purchases this year {those things that I don't have time to make at the mo} from you guys.  Can you also mention if you are based in the UK or elsewhere too if poss?

Spammers, however, can sod right off!!!!! I will not be needing any equipment to enlarge certain body parts; or vitamin pills or whatever else you might think to add - they will be deleted!

My pledge for this year is to Buy Local {if I can} and Buy Handmade whenever and wherever possible.

 Leave me your linky please 


Friday, 1 February 2013

February Goals

I've been a bit quiet recently.

I have embarked on a journey of further studying for my "real-life" job, so I am knee deep in law text books, again *yawn* .

I am itching to sew every night but I have managed to study instead {there is a workshop next week which is looming over me}.

I'm telling you all this so that you know that I am not really neglecting you and all my bloggy friends; I'm missing you guys a lot.  But I will be back before you know it.

In the meantime, it's ready the first of February! so I am writing my goal down as if to make it more achievable ;0)

This month I want to finish the iSpy quilt.

Here it is so far (my apologies for the awful editing of the background).

iSpy quilt WIP
It only needs the backing... the quilting ... and the binding!!!!

If I finish it, it will be a miracle.

Keep your fingers crossed for me xxxx

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