Saturday, 2 February 2013

Do you take commissions?

Regular readers here will probably have realised that I love taking part in swaps on the fabric/sewing make kind.

Since I have taken on extra work commitments for the next few months, I really can't sign up to any more swaps and I have about quartered the amount of time I have to sew.   

For the last couple of years, I have been trying to make birthday pressies for friends and family {those who have shown a penchant for a quilted item, at least}.  But this year, I just wont be able to keep up.

When I was asked what I'd like for my birthday, I realised how much I would love to receive something made by someone from our wonderful online sewing community.  A very talented mama that first inspired me to thread up my sewing machine and buy some of that pricey quilting cotton ;0)   I knew she had an Etsy shop, so I emailed to see if she was taking on commissions and lucky for me she was.

Here is my commissioned cushion by Kelly from Jeliquilts 

My beautiful birthday pressie from Kelly {jeliquilts}

Geese of the most gorgeous rainbow variety.

I can't tell you how much I love my cushion.  Not only does it look gorgeous on my sofa but it's uber comfy too.

I love that I have a Jeliquilts make in my home; I love that it was a gift from my Dad for my birthday and I love that it is absolutely perfect!

Well now it's got me thinking that I would like to buy more makes from my bloggy friends who take commission or have Etsy shops.  Is there a list anywhere of those who do?  If there is, then I can't find it...

Maybe I should start a page here dedicated to those of you who do sell wonderful handmade goodies on Etsy or accept commissions so that I {and anyone else looking to buy} can find you easily.

If you do, please leave me a comment with a link and any relevant details of the items you sell; zippy pouches, cushions, quilts, knitted/crochet goodies too etc.  I would love to get all my purchases this year {those things that I don't have time to make at the mo} from you guys.  Can you also mention if you are based in the UK or elsewhere too if poss?

Spammers, however, can sod right off!!!!! I will not be needing any equipment to enlarge certain body parts; or vitamin pills or whatever else you might think to add - they will be deleted!

My pledge for this year is to Buy Local {if I can} and Buy Handmade whenever and wherever possible.

 Leave me your linky please 



  1. Awww that's a lovely present to have and treasure . Handmade always means so much more to me and I vow to keep them forever. I take commissions, for zip pouches, frame purses, free motion stitched pictures and much more! My etsy shop is sadly empty and neglected, perhaps I should do something about that but I am kept busy with my Facebook page/teaching/commissions....can't do everything I guess but I'd like to give it some attention and you've reminded me I should soon!

  2. Lovely cushion, and great way to support your friends! I do make bears on commission, and I treasure the bears I own from fellow super-talented bear makers, although I have thus far successfully fended off 3 king-sized commission quilts, but scaring people with UK fabric prices (seriously, I didn't have time for the commissions either, but it gave them a realistic idea of time/fabrics). I wouldn't be averse to making smaller things, and am trying to get to a number of patterns that have been written down scrappily and now need to be written up properly for sale. Alas the day job is getting slightly in the way of that, but once the upheaval of changing jobs is over, I'm hoping to be able to realistically plan out my time for these things...

  3. Thanks for the lovely words Liz - I am very sporadic in my commissions as my family and friends have usually filled up my sewing time with all their requests ;-)

  4. What a lovely cushion and idea! And I love how you support the handmade community. I would love to own an Etsy shop one day, but for now I just make little things as family members and friends want them... baby quilts, pouches, bags.

  5. I loooooooooooooooove this cushion ... Kelly brought a differently designed rainbow geese cushion to LMQG today and I would have gladly stuffed it in my bag and run away if she didn't know where to find me! Totally gorgeous - perfect birthday present. Happy Birthday to you!

  6. I've got a few Etsy shop links on my blog, of friends who I can vouch for as being very nice and making top-notch goodies. Please come take a look!

    I also have an Etsy shop for my eco bags. I'd love to have you come and visit me at I live in Japan and you'll be surprised at the reasonable shipping rates. I don't know how the post office can stay in business at those prices!

    My sister takes commissions for pet portraits. They make excellent birthday and holiday gifts. You can find her at

    Hope this doesn't sound too spammy, but can you tell I love Etsy? You can't beat it for personal, friendly service.

  7. Love the cushion and the story of why you wanted it. I do take commissions, my etsy shop is
    I'm in Ireland so not too far away :)

  8. I have an etsy shop where i sell my quilts. Although i haven't advertised it yet , i have had special requests for commissioned quilts. And i am happy to take them on! I have links to my shop via my blog. Here is my esty shop:
    Thanks for supporting the handmade community! I always give handmade but never get!

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  11. I haven't got an etsy shop nor do I have anything to flog you hon but I have bought a couple of gorgeous bits from a lady whose shop is called loulabelle at home...I had a paper cut picture and a lovely handmade apron...definitely worth a look x x


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