Friday, 1 February 2013

February Goals

I've been a bit quiet recently.

I have embarked on a journey of further studying for my "real-life" job, so I am knee deep in law text books, again *yawn* .

I am itching to sew every night but I have managed to study instead {there is a workshop next week which is looming over me}.

I'm telling you all this so that you know that I am not really neglecting you and all my bloggy friends; I'm missing you guys a lot.  But I will be back before you know it.

In the meantime, it's ready the first of February! so I am writing my goal down as if to make it more achievable ;0)

This month I want to finish the iSpy quilt.

Here it is so far (my apologies for the awful editing of the background).

iSpy quilt WIP
It only needs the backing... the quilting ... and the binding!!!!

If I finish it, it will be a miracle.

Keep your fingers crossed for me xxxx

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  1. I love it Liz, it's really bright and fresh. Don'y worry about your background photoing is so difficult in winter and with the pants weather.

  2. I love this quilt already - the borders are so cool! Keep your head down and good luck with the extra studies. Big love to you xxx

  3. I love the brightness of your quilt. I hope the studying is going well. Di x

  4. I love the layout that looks like crosses in a certain light/certain angle kind of way. Good luck with the studying x

  5. That quilt is amazing!! I love the chevrons, they are so cheerful!
    Good luck with the studies x

  6. so bright and colourful! I love it :-D

  7. I hope the studying goes well and that you can return to quilting soon - much more fun! Love the quilt, such pretty colours :-)

  8. Boo hiss to the study eating up your sewing time but a big round of applause for putting together such a bright & cheery quilt so early in the year!

  9. Good luck with your studies, Liz! I'm impressed that you can do the "right" thing and learn even if you'd love to sew instead! Your quilt looks lovely!

  10. Such a pretty quilt, look forward to the big finish x

  11. good luck with your other studies! i love the border of your rainbow quilt.

  12. Love those borders. Good luck with all that law reading. Here's hoping you can sew soon!

  13. Good luck finishing! It is gorgeous!


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