Sunday, 28 April 2013

Meeting with the Sewing Bee and Visiting the Village Haberdashery

I can really recommend joining up to a Sewing Bee.  For those who aren't sure what one is or how it works, there are many variations but mostly they are comprised of 12 members.  Each member is assigned a month. They then chose a block for the other 11 members to make, and they send the fabric to make that block out of to them.  All the blocks are return at the end of the month, so that they can make a whole quilt from them.

Not only does it get you to sew blocks that you mightn't ordinarily dream of sewing, but there is also a wonderful sense of community and lots of banter in the Flickr Bee group.

Yesterday, myself and a number of {very wonderful} members of the Fat Quarterly Retreat Bee all met up in the Big Smoke.  We were sorry that not everyone could come in the end and those absent members were certainly missed, but we had a glorious gatecrasher.

It was so lovely to finally meet up with everyone and I am missing them already.  We are certainly blessed with some fantastic members.  We laughed and chatted until our faces ached!  I think there must be something about these modern quilting types, you know!

We met at Liberty's.

Fat Quarterly Kinky Bee First-of-Many Meet
Outside Liberty's
Fat Quarterly Kinky Bee First-of-Many Meet
Off to catch the Tube to...

Fat Quarterly Kinky Bee First-of-Many Meet
village hab
Source: Tuppence Ha'penny Quilts
All of us in this fab shop
And then hopped on the Tube to West Hampstead.  Thank goodness that our Mary knew where she was off to.

The Village Haberdashery is just about as perfect as an English quilting shop could be - just about every bolt of fabric is to-die-for gorgeous; there are tantalizing samples dotted around the shop; my favourite battings and thread were all just there begging to be bought.   As if that wasn't enough, the acting *Head of Sales* for the day was none other than Pennie from Tuppence Ha'penny Quilts.   When we arrived, we were welcomed with open arms and even Annie, the shop's magnificent owner, popped along to see us all.  Just look at that little cute chap in her arms there, and we were charmed by her older daughter too.  She is going to work for NASA when she grows up.

Fat Quarterly Kinky Bee First-of-Many Meet
Fabulous Annie - who owns this amazing shop.
She popped in to meet us, despite really being on *maternity leave*.
I can't wait to get back there again soon, hopefully for a Saturday class.  If you are in London at all, it's well worth a visit.  The Melody Miller selection is quite something.

So here is a toast to a wonderful day.  Thank you ladies for making it a truly grand day out.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Recipes, Please

Inspired by the family heirloom Recipe Book that that lovely Canadian Abroad showed us a few weeks ago, I stole cheekily obtained this fantastic *kitchen* themed fabric from my darling quilty friend Ceri from Inspired By Felix.

April really has been the month of the Journal Cover round here!


But now I need some scrumptious recipes to fill it up with...

Any suggestions???????


Saturday, 20 April 2013

To Boston With Love

Berene of the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild has come up with a beautiful idea to show love and support to Boston at this sad time.

The plan is to hold a public exhibition of handmade *flags* from our creative community strung in to banners that will be displayed in Boston.

There are full details, including a tutorial for making the flag and more information over at the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild site.

I am hoping to fit in a flag or two.  Can you too?
With love

Friday, 19 April 2013

Goose Tracks... I Heart You

My sewing time may be restricted at the moment, but that doesn't mean I can't sneak in a little sewing daydream to my lunch hour at work!

I love a quick browse in the Oxfam Bookshop opposite my office every now and then.  It has a whole section for Craft books and there are often some treasures to be found.

This week I managed to snag myself a great little book...

{Vintage} Patchwork Booklet - I love it!
Vintage Loveliness

I think it was printed at the end of the 1970s.

I bought it because I really want to copy the quilting on this Welsh quilt from around 1880.

{Vintage} Patchwork Booklet - I love it!
Made in Wales around 1880
{Vintage} Patchwork Booklet - I love it!
Close up of the amazing quilting
And there are pages of great block ideas

{Vintage} Patchwork Booklet - I love it!

{Vintage} Patchwork Booklet - I love it!

{Vintage} Patchwork Booklet - I love it!

This one particularly caught my eye...

{Vintage} Patchwork Booklet - I love it!

It's called Goose Tracks and I would love to make it.  A quick Google search has not revealed an available pattern, so if you know of one, please let me know.  I *think* I could figure it out on my own but it would lovely not to have to engage the brain too much.

Which is your favourite?

Cheerio for now 

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Another Journal Cover

I told you that this is my new favourite tutorial.

I couldn't resist using *Type* by Julia Rothman to whip up another.

Another journal cover

Another journal cover

Another journal cover

I had to show you the lining before I put a notebook inside.

I think I found this fabric line's vocation in life.

Cheerio for now

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Second Quarter FAL 2013

It's time for one of those *this is what I want to make in the next few months* posts, I'm afraid.   But there are prizes to be won for completed projects so, indulge me, if you do so please.  Thank you muchlyoso.

she can quilt

These are the projects that I hope to complete in the second quarter of the year.

1.  Finish the Feather Friends Quilt - sandwich it, quilt it, bind it.

Feathery Friends

2.  Finish Beth's pressie with the siggie blocks

3.  Piece the Selvedge Quilt top - just waiting on one block to be sent back now.

Selvedge Sampler Bee Blocks received

4.  A Surprise Extra Finish - I will try and think of something else to commit to soon, whereupon I will be back to edit this later.  It will be both a surprise and an extra bonus if I do finish this one!

Linking up with the FAL over at She Can Quilt.


Thursday, 11 April 2013

Journal Cover and my {new} Favourite Tutorial

Amy Made That! eamylove

The project this month on the Across the Pond Sew Along  is Journal Covers and, as I have been meaning to make another for a while, it was a good incentive to get sewing.

Vera on the Flickr group recommended the Bloom and Blossom tutorial.

So, I decided to give that method a try, and I am super glad that I did!  You should definitely go check out the tutorial; it is most certainly my {new} favourite tutorial!  I loved, loved, making this cover and will definitely be making another one soon.

Here is how it turned out...

Across The Pond April make Journal Cover
Journal Cover
Across The Pond April make Journal Cover
Inside flaps and lining {ignore that it's a wrong way up text!}
Across The Pond April make Journal Cover
Front cover - bad lighting

I used some Essex linen accompanied by a patchwork strip of quilting cottons.

The patchwork was an offcut from another block, so in all this project only took me about half an hour.  The perfect quick fix sewing project.

Cheerio for now 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Cutting up Charms

I got home from work today and was greeted by two lovely packages; the first was from the utterly fantastic Pink Castle Fabrics, and the second contained my copy of the Patchwork Please book.

That put a big smile on my face.


I have only had a very quick flick through Ayumi's gorgeous book, but I am completely in love with it already.  Her blog is one of my all time favourites and I really enjoyed reading the introduction in the book.  She certainly is lucky to have been surrounded by creativity from an early age.  Her writing style is beautiful and I wish I could just click my fingers and have one of each item from the book made up already.

The fabric that came is for my {two} slots in the Fluffy Sheep Rainbow Charm Swap.

I chose Red Chevrons for my Red choice and Dandelions for my Yellow group.

2 yards of each fabric cut up into 5" charms using this tutorial from the Oh Fransson blog... phew, that is a LOT of charms! and fairly nerve wracking too - there is little room for error!  Check out those thin strips of *leftover* fabric in the photo below and you will see how little room for error there really is.

I'm really happy with both my choices and I can't wait to get a whole stack of rainbow back.


Hoping that you have had a great day today.
Cheerio for now

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sugar Club Blocks

I was getting a little bit behind on my Sugar Club blocks.

2013 Sugar Block Club

When I signed up for this monthly block and recipe club at the start of the year, I thought that I would use solids from the So Solids Crew club that I joined at the same time.  Each month a different colour FQ bundle  arrives and I was thinking it would make a great rainbow assortment.  

However, when I made February's block, I used a bit of leftover purple from January's block... then March's  block seemed right for the same mix of colours... and, well, April's too.

Sugar Club Block #2 February
February's block
Sugar Club Block #3 March's Block
March's block
Sugar Club Block #4 April
April's block
And all of them together.

First Quarter

Now I just need to work out the Kona colours, so that I can order some more supplies.  I would love to find some more of that yellow text print too but it was from the charm swap, so I have no clue what it is.

Any ideas?

Hoping the sun has been shining on you today.
Cheerio for now

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Hot Starry Night Blocks

The best thing about being part of a Bee is making something completely out of your ordinary.

The lovely Nanette asked us for {hot} colours this month.  Not my usual palette at all.

Using reds, oranges, pinks, and yellows, we were asked to make the Starry Night Block from Fresh Lemons; a blog I totally love. Faith from Fresh Lemons features some great instructions for paper piecing this block.  Her pictures are perfect and made the job a whole lot easier as a result.

I'm feeling pretty chuffed because I even remembered to change my needle for my *paper* {old bluntish} needle, which I usually forget to do.

Hot Starry Night Block

Hot Starry Night Block 2

Mo' Stash Bee Friends Hive - the hot starry night blocks
Hot Starry Night Blocks Together

I went for solids around the edge and prints inside because I wanted quite striking blocks, given our brief.

I will definitely give this palette another go soon because I love how these babies turned out.

Hoping that your day has been great too.
Cheerio for now 

Friday, 5 April 2013

April's Goals

I am hoping that April will see me finish the Feather Quilt and catch up on my Sugar Club blocks too.  I am also going to concentrate on making the thank you pressie for Beth for the Let's Get Acquainted blog hop.  I was waiting for a few more siggie blocks to arrive but I think they all must be here by now, so I will try and get this done.

Feathery Friends close up
Feather Quilt

Sugar Block Club January Snow Blossom block
Sugar Club Block January

Linking up with the party.

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Cheerio for now

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

First Quarter Finish-A-Long

she can quilt

You can find my goal setting post here.

So, how did I do?

1. I finished the iSpy quilt.


2. Selvedge Quilt - not finished as I am still waiting for blocks from my Bee :0(

3.  Baby pressie - I made a cushion in the end, which is still waiting to be delivered/collected {oops}
iSpy a Japanese Import

4.  Swoon cushion - totally forgot about this!

5.  Doll Quilt Swap - Finished

DQS#13 All Finished

 6.  Thank you for Beth - I was just thinking of this yesterday.  I will try and get this finished next.

Linking up with the party!

How did you get on?