Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Fab Little Random Treasure Swap

At last, a Flickr Swap with timings that suit my exam schedule... so, of course, I had to sign up right away.

Random Little Treasures - what a cool idea for a swap.  And best of all, I get to be a FLiRT!!

We got out swap partners last week - it's a secret so I can't tell you who I have.

But I made a little start on an *extra*.  I just gave a sneak peek in the Flickr group...

FLiRTS sneak peek

but I'll let you see a whole lot more here... of course!

FLiRTS sneak peek

It's backside - nice pocket!

FLiRTS sneak peek

Shhhhh, don't breath a word to my *secret* swap partner.

I know you can keep quiet!


  1. This is so cute Liz! What are the fabrics? Very cool x

  2. A gorgeous little treasure! Jxo

  3. Moira took the word right out of my mouth! Just gorgeous! x

  4. Ditto everyone else's replies, fab Liz!

  5. Fancy showing off your backside at this time of night! I was invited to this for round 1, but haven't had time to join in yet...

  6. Lucky secret partner!

  7. Gorgeous and love your fabric choices, they really make it special :)

  8. I like it! drat that I'm not in that swap...but them I'm too busy eating to commit to any more sewing :)

    1. Ceri get your head out of that fridge and get on the sewing machine...make the most of it before you have a scrummy baby to distract you!! X

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