Saturday, 22 June 2013

A Little Bit Wonky

A little bit wonky - thank goodness; that was the brief for our June *Fat Quarterly K* Bee!

This Tallgrass Prairie inspired wonky log cabin block has to be THE most fun-to-make-bee-block ever.

There was none of the usual; are my seam allowances spot on; or, is it perfectly squared up; or even, what fabric goes where, with this bee block.

This was the inspiration...

Source: Tallgrass Prairie blog

and the tutorial can be found here.

Gertie Pye, our June Bee mama, supplied the French General line fabric and here is how mine turned out.

FQRK Bee blocks for June
June block
It was a completely relaxing and enjoyable afternoon of wonk.  Thank you so much Gertie Pye.

I think it is going to be a pretty cool bee quilt.

Hope you have had a good Saturday - even with this atrocious weather.  Is this Summer?!


Friday, 21 June 2013

Back To It

I'm so sorry to be completely utterly behind on my replies to comments.  I love, love, love reading all your fabulous comments.  I will be back on it soon, promise.

In the meantime, I only went and managed to make a whole something!

When I met up with sewing Bee in London a little while ago, Moira of the Kettleboiler goodness showed us a bag that she had made using the *For Pleats Sake* free pattern over at U-Handbag.
For Pleats Sake bag
It has short leather handles, which I hadn't much ever fancied before seeing Moira's bag. 

But now... I am a total convert!

Leather bag handles are the biz.

I know that they add a whole heap of £££'s to the price of a bag but they really do make it into something special.  This pair of leather elbow handles cost £12.50 at U-Handbag.  I have ordered a whole heap of goodies from Lisa's online shop recently and I am really impressed with the quality of everything she stocks.

I changed the pattern a little bit {successfully...which is a first for me!} because I didn't pleat the lining because I wanted to add a magnetic snap closure and internal pocket.

Inside pocket
The handles do have to be handstitched through all the layers.  I used some lovely Perle cotton and held them in place with some Clover wonderclips, and stitched all four on in less time than it took me to drool over the latest episode of *Hawaii 5-0*.

Add a fabric badge

We just started up a {small} Badge Making business with little miss dandelion, and I couldn't resist using the machine to make some matchy fabric ones for my bag.

They really add a new element to the bag and I love that lining fabric so much, so I'm glad to have a little bit on the outside too.

Or Keyring
I am thinking of adding some badges to the outside saying Ring Ring!

We are taking the badge machine to the Fat Quarterly Retreat for Quilt Market night, so if you fancy a badge, keyring, magnet or mirror made with your precious scraps, bring them with you. 

I will show you the luscious Liberty magnets next time. They are so utterly lush that I can hardly bear to sell them all! 


Thursday, 20 June 2013

Green Fingers

Last week, my littlest Dandelion was enthralled to see some photos of another little man doing some gardening over on Clare's blog from Maybush Studio blog.  Clare takes the most amazing photographs and Master Dandelion was captivated to see Theo with a magnificent watering can.

At first he thought the little boy in the photograph was him, but then he looked closer and decided that it was most definitely someone who should be his very good friend.

At the end of that blog post, there was a link to the Kids Grow Wild challenge and several clicks later, I had signed us up for it too.

A couple of days later, a big box arrived on our doorstep and Master D* was thrilled to find a similar watering can and gardening kit inside.

My creation

I think it is certainly true to say that little boys are never so happy as when they are digging in some mud.  

He spent a happy hour digging and planting seeds, before liberally watering them in.   It was an hour of almost pure joy, without any red cheeked huffs or frustrations, without any grumbles or moans, without any electric gadgets or mobile telephones.  It was bliss.

This post is an entry for BritMums’ #KidsGrowWild Challenge

Monday, 3 June 2013

June Goals

I'm slowly trying to get back into the swing of things, now that the horrible exam is out of the way.

I seem to have lost my sewing confidence.  I royally messed up my FQRK Bee blocks for May and I am still feeling really bad about having cut up my bee mates fabric, failed to notice the block construction properly and got it all wrong.  I am also feeling like a total fabric numpty; questioning all my choices and ideas.  I know it probably seems insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but it's really knocked the wind out of my sails.

I'm so sorry to share a bit of my negativity.  It was such a revelation to me to find sewing a couple of years ago.  I think I was riding on the crest of a creative wave, so it really does feel pants to have wiped out. I am hoping beyond hope that reciting my usual mantra of *this too shall pass* will work.  Please tell me it will... soon.

With this in mind, I am setting some June goals... realistic ones {I hope}

1.  Finish the Feathery Friends quilt - its all pieced and just needs a backing, sandwich, quilt and bind.

Feathery Friends

2.  Complete a Siblings Together charity quilt using the jelly roll very kindly donated by Rachel from Contented Be.

That's all I'm even going to hope for at the moment, well this and my bee blocks.

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