Saturday, 27 July 2013

Feathers for Sew Sew Modern

Whoa there, paper piecing takes a LONG time!

I spent the whole afternoon making this...

Low Volume love
Pattern by Shapemoth

To go with this...

Low Volume love
Lots more to do...
I need to make a whole load more plus squares and a few other things but I am hoping that it will all come together in a kind of Low Volume love fest pop!  It will eventually be my Sew Sew Modern swap item; totally inspired by my secret partner.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that it works!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sewing like a loon!

Ever since I got back from the Retreat, I have been itching to sew.

It's lovely to have that sewing hunger back again.

First of all, encouraged by the paper piecing class I took at the Retreat, I had a go at {half} a NY Beauty block.  I haven't pressed it properly in the photos... I was tired and just wanted to get to bed at the final press stage!  so my curved middle looks a bit wonky which it isn't in real life.

First go at a NY Beauty
NY Beauty

The inspiration for making this block came from Aylin as she is bee mama in the Mo Stash Bee this month.  As I was having a bit of a rough time making these blocks this month, my lovely friend Jo from Don't Drink and Sew, actually made my contribution already and gave them to Aylin at the Retreat.  I owe her BIG time!

So, my attempt at a NY Beauty was quite a relaxed affair - enjoyable even!  Yep, I said it... curves and paper piecing was actually enjoyable!!!!!!!!!!!!


Then I started thinking about my Sew Sew Modern swap partner and I hatched a cunning plan to make something extra gorgeous.  I made one of twenty - low volume background 5 inch plus blocks.  I think this will fit my partner's brief perfectly... hopefully; she's super stylish and talented, so I am praying that this turns out good.

I figured that using my favourite Liberty print would be a great way to start.

5inch plus block LV background
5 inch plus block No 1

I am linking up the fabulous Clare and her new Thursday link party... be fab if you'd join in too.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Is it over... already?!

Is it over already?!?!?!

The Fat Quarterly Retreat in London this weekend, that is.

I can't believe how quickly time flies when you're having fun.  I'm pretty sure I only just woke up on Friday morning and now the event that we have been talking about, planning and making for is done.

I went with my two besties Ceri and Nikki, who just happen to be my *real life* friends too!

Fat Quarterly Retreat 2013
Preping for classes on the train

Sadly, I didn't take very many photos - probably too busy talking and laughing.  I only managed a few quick snaps on my phone so the quality isn't great.

Fat Quarterly Retreat 2013
Meeting Sarah *Quilt Candy*
On Saturday night, quite by chance, Sarah managed to {inadvertently} invite Mr Aurifil out for cocktails with us.  We tried to ply him with drink and get him to hand over all his lovely threads but he wasn't compliant!

Saturday night cocktails
Saturday cocktails
On Sunday after class had finished, I managed to spend a little bit of time with the lovely Christine who had traveled all the way from Germany.  Christine has become a very dear bloggy friend to me over the last year. We were supposed to meet at the Retreat in 2012 but illness struck, so it was fantastic to finally meet her.  We popped along to the V&A Museum which was within spitting distance of the venue.

Fat Quarterly Retreat 2013
V&A with Christine and Nikki 
The classes at the Retreat were great.  Particular highlights for me have to be Lu Summers' Hand Quilting class on Sunday morning.  Sadly, I was a bit hungover from our cocktails the night before but she is hilarious, personable and incredibly talented.

Fat Quarterly Retreat 2013
Lu Summers teaching hand quilting

I also really enjoyed the paper piecing class with Joanna from Shapemoth blog and Julianna from the Sewing Under Rainbow blog.  They were both really charming and, despite English not being their first language, were able to impart some real gems of knowledge about intricate paper piecing, along with a whole host of tips too.  

Ceri and I, helped by our lovely friends Nikki and Terri, had a very successful evening on our badge/handbag mirror/keyring/magnet stall at the Quilt Market on Saturday night.   We were busy all evening and I know that a few people have said that they didn't manage to get to us for the crowds!  So, if you missed out, or meant to transform your favourite piece of fabric into one of the aforementioned items, just let me or Ceri know and we will happily assist.

It was an absolute blast and I can't wait for the next chance to meet up with the nation's Sewistas... hopefully soon.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Siblings Together

Just in the nick of time, I have managed to finish of the charity quilt I've been working on for Siblings Together.

Me and this quilt have fallen out quite a few times...  but we made up over the weekend and last night I hurriedly stitched down the last of the binding.

I deliberately wanted to have a lot of negative space in the top for quilting, but sadly time just flew past too quickly for the elaborate plan I did have.  In the end, I opted for a large heart surrounded by some FMQ in a design inspired by a pattern from Angela Walters book.

Siblings Together, quilt just in the nick of time.

The Siblings Together charity is such a great charity event and I am so glad this is finished in time.  You can read more about the charity and quilt drive here, if you're interested.

Siblings Together, quilt just in the nick of time.

I will try and add a few more pics later.