Thursday, 25 July 2013

Sewing like a loon!

Ever since I got back from the Retreat, I have been itching to sew.

It's lovely to have that sewing hunger back again.

First of all, encouraged by the paper piecing class I took at the Retreat, I had a go at {half} a NY Beauty block.  I haven't pressed it properly in the photos... I was tired and just wanted to get to bed at the final press stage!  so my curved middle looks a bit wonky which it isn't in real life.

First go at a NY Beauty
NY Beauty

The inspiration for making this block came from Aylin as she is bee mama in the Mo Stash Bee this month.  As I was having a bit of a rough time making these blocks this month, my lovely friend Jo from Don't Drink and Sew, actually made my contribution already and gave them to Aylin at the Retreat.  I owe her BIG time!

So, my attempt at a NY Beauty was quite a relaxed affair - enjoyable even!  Yep, I said it... curves and paper piecing was actually enjoyable!!!!!!!!!!!!


Then I started thinking about my Sew Sew Modern swap partner and I hatched a cunning plan to make something extra gorgeous.  I made one of twenty - low volume background 5 inch plus blocks.  I think this will fit my partner's brief perfectly... hopefully; she's super stylish and talented, so I am praying that this turns out good.

I figured that using my favourite Liberty print would be a great way to start.

5inch plus block LV background
5 inch plus block No 1

I am linking up the fabulous Clare and her new Thursday link party... be fab if you'd join in too.


  1. I love that liberty print too, that's a great block you have made there.

  2. Nice blocks Liz. You are doing great with the NY Beauty block. Di x

  3. I'm rather itching to sew too, but I've been sick, and then I've had to get hanging sleeves onto my Stitch Tease and Retro Flowers so I could hand them over tonight for a month-long exhibition o.O Great job on your NYB, and looking forward to seeing your swap item completed :o)

  4. those blocks are fabulous. I've been too much of a fraidy cat to try NYB - have you thrown down a gauntlet?

  5. The NYB looks great, and low volume and Liberty loveliness? Yum!

  6. I'm still a bit scared of doing curves, but your NY Beauty looks fab and I don't see the wonkiness at all. :-)


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