Friday, 2 August 2013

Making Progress...

I've been working on the Sew Sew Modern #3 project.

Even though the paper pieced feather took such a long time to make {and created the most amount of mess ever!}, I really think paper piecing can make something extra special.

I added more little plus blocks to the collection...

and some geese...

Sew Sew Modern 3
front and back laid out

and the final element... text!

Sew sew modern 3
Sew text

I can't wait to get this project finished now.  I love the quilting part of any project the most.

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  1. it's so gorgeous! How will you give it away?

  2. It really is beautiful. I love those plus blocks.

  3. Looks so special already, I'm sure your quilting will take it over the top :)

  4. Well done Liz, looking great, especially the lettering.

  5. This is really lovely work - your feather is great and I vote that it was worth the mess :)

  6. fun project!!! Whoever gets this is lucky, lucky!!

  7. It looks great! I love the scrappy low volume background and the spots of color. Your partner will love it:)

  8. Sooooooo gorgeous! The lettering is the icing on the cake. This might be my favourite one of your makes ever!

  9. These blocks are stunning L! I hate the quilting part! Take my hat off to you girl! Jxo

  10. It's looking fabulous! Love the text!

  11. It gets better and better!!


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