Monday, 16 September 2013

Glimma-ry Tippencanoe

I've seen lots of the Tippencanoe block popping up around quilty blogland recently and I have to say that in real life it makes for a striking block.

My lovely friend Moira from Kettleboiler blog sent us all fabric from her Glimma stash for her month as our bee mama.

She asked for a paper pieced block {ooohhhh yes, she's one of those slave-driver type of mamas :wink:} but she was very kind to us and we only had to make her one 12.5" block.  She hinted at being cheeky because its one block made up of four paper pieced quarters... but I think she'd probably have gotten away with asking for two of these beauts if she had sent us enough fabric s

I got off to a bad start... oops! and the air was pretty blue when I had to unpick all those teeny tiny paper piecing stitches!!

I am such a numpty when it comes to paper piecing.  I don't know why but it takes a while for my brain to warm up with it and I always seem to have to unpick the first few pieces that I stitch; probably because I am always too stingy cutting the first segments of fabric.


Moira wanted to be able to see one canoe, so I utilised the plain fabric with the darkest print to make sure it stood out.  

I'm really pleased with how it turned out... I so hope that Moira is too because she is a very very special gal.


  1. love love love! you are a wee star, ms liz

  2. It always takes me ages to remember what I'm doing with PP'ing too and invariably ends up with me unpicking the first seam! It is the opposite of riding a bike - even when I think I've got it sussed, I always make a mistake. Love these Glimma canoes - Moira's quilt is going to be gorgeous x

  3. Only the one seam? It's usually about 6 before my brain turns inside out and finally gets it!

  4. Just the one block? What a nice mama! Looks great :o)

  5. She is indeed and your block is gorgeous xxxxxxx

  6. Ooooh this is looking lovely! And I know what you mean about FP, you have to get your head round it and get into a rhythm. Looks like you did, it's gorgeous xxxx

  7. I've just started mine this morning and have done quite a lot of unpicking.

  8. What a lovely block! Moira's quilt will look amazing!!
    I have to attack a load of paper piecing at once, as it hurt my head! but always produces such lovely blocks! !

  9. What an unusual block. I must give it a go. I haven't done much foundation paper piecing but I do really like it. These fabrics look fab!


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